July 4th, 2013 “And let the rain keep on coming”

Ever since it rained this is what we’ve been doing:

New Diesel features,Chutes & Ladders Boulder Dash extensions started, trail mods to transition, lower braking bumps fixed in Lower Boogie, Sierra raked top to bottom, new jump on Supreme, Candy Land step up got some love, and we’re almost done with the new race track!  Look forward to an explosion of trails coming your way in a couple of weeks!

June 20, 2013 “Gettin’ er buffed out”

P-West standing next to an awesome creation!

That was the theme of the last couple weeks.  Buffing trail, fixing braking bumps, removing awkward rocks, you know, making it nice and perfect.  Monday we will start the new installment of two new trails.  “Smoke Signals” and “Boulder Dash” extension will get underway next week.  See ya on the hill=)


Trail Update 6/1/13

May 17th marked our opening day and what an opening weekend it was.  With record turnout and buff trails, what more could anyone ask for.  With an obvious list of events and new trails added this Summer, we will do our best to keep you updated on the new Dirt that is abundant here at the Bike Park.  Thus far we’ve added some serious re-routes to our easiest trail Combi, re-worked some bridges on Upper Supreme and of course, Angel’s Plunge opens tomorrow from 2-4.  It will be open longer once mother nature delivers us some moisture.  Here’s some pictures below to get you pumped=)

Trail Update: 9/7/12

“Say Hello to my Little Friend”

   Last week was all about the elusive trail “Chutes & Ladders”.  6 new bridges and a couple super cool jumps, what more could a rider ask for.  This new blue trail will be a super cool addition to the trail network here at Angel Fire Bike Park.  We hope to debut it’s glory on October 1st, along with the new Angel’s Plunge trail.

Happy Shredding!

Trail Update 8/24/12

Breathing new life into old trail.  That’s what last week was all about.  Adding some big rollers into some Combi, buffing and tweaking some Enlightenment and adding a super cool section of Transition and World Cup.  Look forward to a super cool new section of World Cup next week.  If everything goes well, we’ll get to remodel Candy Land before the Freeride Fest!

Hope to see everyone there.


Trail Update 8/17/12

Whew!  Another large section of Boulder Dash open to the public.  Only two weeks until the freeride festival, look forward to upgrades on Boulder Dash, World Cup, Supreme DH, Candy Land and Lower Transition!

Happy Shredding!

Bike Park Director

Hogan Koesis


Trail Update 7/28/12

Okay, we’re all super tired because we built about 2,000 feet of the new ridge line trail “Angel’s Plunge” and about the same of a new section of Boulder Dash.  Even though the ridge line trail isn’t open, it’s looking awesome.  However, the new Boulder Dash is open and just rode it for the first time and is definitely something special.  You can access it just above the drop zone on Combi.  Hope you can check it out this weekend.  

Trail Update 7/20/12

Trail Crew has been busy putting a lot of work into some upgrades on Supreme DH and Lower Chillin.  Look forward to some new jumps, berms and the sweetness that we all come to appreciate.  The Chutes and Ladders trail is coming along nicely with 4 new bridges already as well as some really cool natural features.  I got to ride a little bit of the new Angel’s Plunge off of Summit the other day and let’s just say that this trail will definitely be something special.  Hope you all enjoy!

Bike Park Director

Hogan Koesis


Trail Update 7/6/12

We’ve got rain!  “Last Call” for DH.  That’s what we’re calling this new trail that is totally done and ready for shreddin!  I am looking at the blue groove from the very bottom and it’s nothing less than amazing.  I counted 12 new jumps and a handful of berms and a super sick wooden drop that you could definitely see from the cosmos.

The trail crew put a lot of hours in in on this and if you see one around, be sure to thank them for this awesome flow.

Hogan Koesis

Bike Park Director

Trail Update 6/22/12


Oh no, one of our excacavators broke!  Oh well, I guess we’ll have to build some bridges instead.  Look forward to 6 new bridges on the mountain. There is a board walk at the entrance of Boulder Dash and a new wooden jump around the second berm on this trail as well.  We’ve also added a few more bridges on Upper Boogie, just above and and below the crazy lava rock section, hope these help out =)  Last but now least, there is a new jump bridge on Lower Boogie just a little ways after the wooden drop under the chair-lift.  I know it’s not new trail, but upgrades to the oldies are nothing to complain about.  Happy Trails!

Hogan Koesis,

Bike Park Director