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Public Improvement District Gets Unanimous Vote from Village

Major Hurdle Cleared as PID Moves Next to a Public Vote

February 18, 2008--Angel Fire, NM—Angel Fire Resort is pleased to announce that on February 14th, 2008, the Village of Angel Fire voted to approve the Public Improvement District (PID) final formation resolution, an all-encompassing plan to bring much needed improvements and infrastructure to 850 lots in Angel Fire. The petition received a unanimous vote of support by the Village Councilors. This critical step forward will enable a vote by the affected property owners within the next ninety days, at which time the resolution must be approved by 75% of the votes cast.

“The final formation of the PID by the Village is definitely reason to celebrate,” said Dan Rakes, general counsel for Angel Fire Resort Operations. “The opportunity for growth and economic development ahead of us now clearly rests with the votes of property owners in our valley. It’s incumbent upon the affected property owners to approve the District, as this is our best chance to move forward with a plan experts agree is the right one for providing the long awaited infrastructure to these lots and enhancing the standard of living for our community as a whole.”

During the same meeting, the Village appointed the PID Board Members, which will include Dan Rakes, Legal Counsel for Angel Fire Resort, Jim Lebus, President of the Association of Angel Fire Property Owners (AAFPO) Board, Hoot Gibson, Village Counsel Member and Angel Fire Village Mayor Pro-tem, Charles Verry,
AAFPO Board Director and Pat Brunstad, Director of Real Estate and Land Development for Angel Fire Resort.

The Public Improvement District (PID) final formation documents are available online at

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PR Manager, Angel Fire Resort

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