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Sep 23, 2014

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Ability Chart for Snowboarders

If this is your first experience snowboarding, you are a level 1 rider. You will be learning the fundamentals of sliding, traversing and riding the lift. Your goal is to learn how to learn the basics of stance, equipment, reading terrain, traversing to a stop and avoiding hard falls….but mostly having fun!

You can perform basic maneuvers with skidded traverses on toe and heel side. You can skid from a traverse to a stop and load and unload the lift. Your goal is to continue to develop tow and heel side skills, balance and speed control.

You are comfortable negotiating green terrain in a series of skidded traverses and cautious edge changes and elementary turns. Your goal is to begin linking turns and varying turn shape and size with rhythmic movements.

You are linking turns on green terrain with confidence, controlling speed and turn shape. Your goal is to move toward more difficult terrain with proper tactics and to learn some elementary, fun freestyle movements like riding fakie and small jumps and ollies.

You have mastered all green terrain, explored some sections of easiest blue terrain and are ready to be introduced to intermediate blue terrain. Your goal is to confidently ride blue terrain, begin to carve on green terrain, introduce varying conditions and improve your switch riding.

You are gaining confidence and beginning to carve turns on blue terrain. Your goal is to increase proficiency in varied conditions, small bumps and ungroomed terrain. You would like to explore terrain features.

You are skidding cross-under turns, riding and turning switch and riding small bumps and terrain features. You are confident on all blue terrain. Your goal is to increase your ability to carve, explore the easiest black terrain and have fun exploring freestyle movements.

You are carving dynamically on blue terrain and would like to perform on black runs. You want to learn more advanced spins and jump in the park, take off and land switch and carve in the bumps.

You’re Hired!

New Technology and teaching methods have made learning to ski and snowboard easier than ever! Like every endeavor, you may progress quickly then plateau until the next breakthrough occurs. There is no preconceived time line. You may progress more than one level during a lesson or comfortably settle in at one level for a few lessons before ‘”breaking through.” For First timers, we believe that after 2 lessons and some practice, the average adult should be an “independent” Green level skier or rider.

Many factors affect your personal learning curve, including fitness and background. Transferring skills developed in “balance sports” will usually accelerate skill acquisition in snow sports. Inline skaters tend to learn to ski sooner. Skateboarders tend to learn to ride easier. Young children tend to progress more effectively learning the symmetrical movement patterns of skiing with independent leg action than snowboarding which requires asymmetric movement in a fixed stance.

All of our programs are designed with the intent to fast-track those who are ready, create breakthroughs for the capable intermediate and appropriately pace even the most timid newcomer.