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Sep 30, 2014

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Home Care Services

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Whether or not your vacation home or condo is currently in our Angel Fire Resort Rental Program, we want you to benefit from the attention our dedicated Property Management team can provide. We work hard to ensure the only thing waiting for you upon your arrival is peace of mind.

Our weekly, unscheduled inspections can include:

  • Safety & Security
    - Examine doors and windows frequently and after each use of home to ensure they are locked & secured
    - Check your home/condo weekly for any vandalism or unauthorized use in your absence
    - Replace outside security lights as needed
    - Look for any exterior damage, road or driveway access issues
  • Heating System
    - Verify thermostat settings, adjust as needed
    - Confirm interior temperature in all rooms
    - Monitor carbon monoxide alarms and levels
    - Tripped Breakers
    - Check electrical panel to insure main breakers are in the “On” position
    - Insure all appliance breakers (such as water heater) are in the position you request
  • Frozen/Broken Water Pipes
    - Monitor the plumbing system for proper flow & pressure, visible leaks and/or is turned off per your instruction
  • Plumbing Failures
    - Inspect fixtures to locate faucet drips, running toilets, or improper garbage disposal operation
  • Moisture Problems
    - Examine floors, walls & ceilings for moisture from seeping ground water or ice dams on roof eave and valleys
  • Propane Level Checks
    - Report on propane levels monthly
  • Pest Invasion
    - Inspection for visible pest invasion such as squirrels, woodpeckers or raccoons (especially in the Summer months) to avoid major damage
  • Refrigerator/Freezer Checks
    - Monitor the refrigerator & freezer compartments for proper operation/temperature to protect any contents & to insure your home is ready for use
  • Telephone Services
    - Check for dial tone during each visit to insure your home is ready for occupancy and proper alarm operation, if equipped
  • *Our weekly inspections are conducted on a random basis; visits are not on the same day or at the same time each week. This is done to discourage unwanted guests and to ensure no one knows our routine.

    Deep Cleaning & Carpet Cleaning
    Cleaning packages are also available to those owners not currently in our Angel Fire Resort Property Management Rental Program for an additional fee. With at least 72 hours notice, we will send in a team of professionals to prepare your home for any arrival or to get it ready for next rental season.

    We are pleased to schedule and supervise any necessary or routine services upon your request. Our in-house team of trained maintenance engineers can resolve almost any problem quickly and affordably. We will also meet any authorized repair technicians you may send, notify you when the job is complete, and ensure your property is locked secure again when they leave.

    Pricing varies depending on the combination of services you require. Everything from our ‘Basic Package’ at $50 a month to the ‘Premium Platinum Package’ at $150 a month and almost anything in between can be arranged.

    Contact us at or 575-377-6749.