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7 Things To Do Before Ski and Snowboard Season

Snow is in the air from both guns & mother nature! We’re counting down the days getting ready to get things going here at Angel Fire Resort! We’re so excited that we’ve put together a list of 7 things every skier and snowboarder must do before ski and snowboard season!

1. Wax your skis or board

If you take care of your equipment, it will take care of you. After spending all summer in the garage or basement, treat your gear to a spa day at the local shop for a wax and tune-up. You’ll be thanking yourself for spending the money once you get on snow, and your gear will thank you too! After a long summer, you’ll notice white dry spots caused by dehydration. This will make your board feel “sticky” and not be able to glide over the snow as efficiently. A hot wax will have your base rehydrated and riding fast again.

2. Get stoked on the latest ski movies

Arguably, the best thing about fall is all the new ski & snowboard movies coming out. Whether you’re headed to the local Warren Miller Entertainment premiere or looking to have a family night in and stream The Art Of Flightthe options are endless! Plus, who doesn’t want to see the pro’s making it look easy?

3. Make sure all your gear still fits & works properly

Maybe the Halloween candy and summer barbecues are starting to catch up, or you never got that hot spot in your boot worked out after last season. Try your gear on, yes all of it, before you head out. If you do need new gear or some boot work done stop by Winter Sports, opening in December, before you plan on skiing. That way you won’t be standing in line at the Chile Express when you realize maybe you do need new snow pants.

4. Have your season pass ready to go


Buy your pass online and pick it up at the ticket office on the first day you come ride! Have you heard about the $99 Teacher Pass? Check out this write up on the Teacher Pass from Albuquerque Journal! The $99 Teacher Pass is available to all K-12 public school teachers, with no blackout dates! And as always, Angel Fire Resort will be offering our $20 5th Graders Pass! Check out all pass options before the prices jump on December 14th.

5. Get the group text ready for powder days

There’s nothing worse than coordinating who’s in and who’s out when the big snow-dump comes! Get the “Snow Crew” group text going that when you get the Snow Report email, there’s no guessing who’s driving this time.

6. Become familiar with your camera

Digital Camera and Prints

Should you film in 1080 at 60fps or 4K at 30fps? What about Live photos vs HDR? Try taking some test shots and videos with the kids or dogs. The more movement, the better, to simulate action shots. When you’re taking photos while skiing or snowboarding, wear bright colors for best results. Share your masterpiece using #WeAreAngelFire

7. Share your set up, plans, and stoke!

Share with Angel Fire Resort how you and your family & friends get ready for the season! From workouts to the road trip, we want to know what gets you excited! #WeAreAngelFire

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