Cross-country Biking & Hiking

The Moreno Valley awaits your adventurous spirit. Meet it on foot or on a bike to experience the great outdoors on terrain suited for all levels.

The Greenbelt trail system is a free-access system of trails that can be used for:

  • cross-country mountain biking
  • running
  • hiking
  • snowshoeing
  • horseback riding

They are located around the Village of Angel Fire.

You may cater your route to your ability level and sense of adventure. There are numerous combinations.

Other nearby trails include the 23-mile South Boundary Trail, which starts just a few miles south of Angel Fire in the Carson National Forest.

Angel Fire Greenbelt Trail Map

NOTE: Enlightenment Trail (the trail that connects Summit to the Base Area) will be closed from June 8-19th.  However, the Summit interpretive loop and Disc Golf loop will remain open.

Angel Fire on

Valley Trail – Angel Fire on
Village Trail Map