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Angel Fire Resort offers several children’s lesson’s for every age and ability level. We pride ourselves on giving children the best overall experience so they not only learn the techniques of the sport, but also learn to enjoy snowsports for a lifetime.

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The Best Ski School in the Southern Rockies! Visit Angel Fire Resort this Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month and learn a lifelong sport. Angel Fire Ski & Snowboard School Instructors have the passion & knowledge to take your ability to the next level. Find out why we’re consistently considered the #1 Ski School in New Mexico! Learn More:

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What makes our Children’s Ski & Snowboard School “The Best”?

There is a “new” movement in Ski and Snowboard Schools today; an emphasis on Children’s Lessons.   Well, it isn’t new to us!  Our Ski and Snowboard School  has been “Family Based” for years and have been specializing in high quality, skill and aged based Children’s teaching for decades!  In a comprehensive online survey of all registering Parents of which 85% responded, 96% said we “greatly met, or exceeded” their expectations.

We “get” kids!  We understand how they learn, what incredible things they are capable of and how to approach everyday exploring that potential!

  • Small Class size; our average instructor to student ratio during the season is:
    • 3 year old classes average 3:1 Students to Instructor
    • 4-5 year old classes average 3:1 Students to Instructor
    • 6-9 year old classes average <5:1 Students to Instructor
    • 10-12 year old classes average 6:1 Students to Instructor
    • We cut off sales! While we want everyone to get a chance to learn and there are some very busy days; we will not oversell the program beyond its ability to provide quality learning experiences!  This is especially true of Holidays when we can sell out weeks in advance but private lessons are typically available but scarce for walk ups.
  • One stop service;  We have our own rentals with helmets (that you can extend your use of), Retail shop (for those things you forgot).  Once you made a reservation, we are virtually paperless.  We are ready for you!
  • Longer on snow time; we register starting at 8 am and begin to send out our first classes to the snow at 9 am.  Most children aged 7 and older will get over 4.5 hours of on snow time.  Every age group has acknowledged competencies and lesson focus.  We pace appropriately and make learning fun but we are an on-snow sports program not a daycare and we don’t “hangout” inside.  Our 3 year old program will have paced on snow time with more frequent indoor activities…but they are 3!
  • Experience and Certification:  Even our most experienced and certified Instructors teach at the Children’s Center.  PSIA-AASI level 1-3 certified Instructors, many with Children’s Specialist 1 and 2 credentials work with your Children every day at the Children’s Center.  All of Angel Fires Ski & Snowboard Staff are specially trained to teach Children.
  • Qualified and abundant indoor staffing.  We typically overstaff our indoor facilities.  Many of our indoor staff have gone to school as Children’s Specialists.  We maintain a clean, functional and secure facility.
  • Outstanding food!  Our Chef provides homemade fresh and nutritious meals every day.  Daily homemade soups, salads, entrees like Meatloaf and other solid meals are served.   Vegetarian options are always available.
  • Up to date Rentals and Helmets are complimentary, as are lift tickets!
  • Security and “piece of mind”; every Child is equipped with Flaik GPS technology.  We know in real time where your child is on the Mountain.  At the end of the day, you can share your child’s skiing day by going on line and viewing their travels.
  • Results!  Check out our “Reasonable Expectations Chart”.  We have been developing this program a very long time and are experts at specific age development and their respective competencies, teaching at the appropriate pace and with the correct practice to create lifelong skiers and riders.  We have been Feature Enhanced Teaching for many years, but we use terrain features for skill development, not “over-terraining”, pushing children out of their comfort zones for the sake of more difficult terrain goals develops defensive behaviors that are the antithesis of fun and play!  We coach for breakthroughs and challenge new terrain when it is appropriate.
  • Hey, we got SNOWBEAR and hot chocolate!
  • Kids only….no parents are allowed!

For more information or to reserve a lesson, call (800) 633-7463 or use the lesson finder below.



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