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Scraping Lips and Taking Notes | Trail Update

May 18, 2016

Like the title suggests, the trail crew has been in full force the last couple of weeks.  They are making every attempt to make this a record experience for opening weekend.  From new jumps, to new turns and a couple exciting re-routes, the park is going to be all time for opening weekend on May 19th!  For the first time ever, I can’t keep up with what the trail crew is able to accomplish this year.  With everyone having an excavator, every time I go to look at a project that is to be completed, I find several others that have been accomplished in the process that are totally unexpected!  The trail crew this year is impressing the living day-lights out of me as every corner you turn the redo’s and remakes are off the chart!

EZ Street Upgrade

EZ Street Upgrade

New Hip Jump Lower Boulder Dash

New Hip Jump Lower Boulder Dash

Don’t let the weather fool you.  Although it looks like the forecast is out of control.  I can personally attest that the weather is absolutely all time up here right now.  We have been experiencing most of our moisture in the late afternoon, with almost the entire night to dry out.  This equates to an amazing dirt consistency the next morning throughout the better part of the day.  We are looking at amazing weather opening weekend an hope everyone can make it out and enjoy the fresh brown pow the trail crew has dished out.

Yours Truly,

Hogan Koesis

Bike Park Director

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