1. Wednesday
    Precip. 8%
  2. Thursday
    Precip. 6%
  3. Friday
    Precip. 6%
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Zip Line Guide

Guides are responsible for leading tours, inspecting and maintaining the course, providing exceptional customer service, and creating a safe and enjoyable experience for the guests.

We are looking for applicants with effective communication skills, who enjoy the outdoors, are reliable, punctual, can follow strict safety standards, and who will strive to provide superior customer service at all times.

zipline_groupEnvironment: This is a physically demanding outside position which includes working long hours in variable summer weather conditions including hot sun, rain, wind, etc. Must be able to hike throughout the day, ride all zip lines, perform rescue operations, and regular lift/carry 50lbs.

Experience: Customer service experience is required. Prior experience in rock climbing, challenge course facilitation, rope management, or zip line operations is a plus.

Minimum Age: 18 years old

Start Date: Mid-May 2020

Seasonal Position: Full-time positions are available. The season typically runs Mid-May through Mid-September.zipline-wheeler-peak

Other: Must have a valid driver’s license with a clean driving record

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