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Gravity Games | Bikes, Blues and Brews

August 19, 2015


So if you’ve read my story about downhilling, you know I’m a rookie and probably won’t be a competitor during Gravity Games. As an experienced drinker and lover of live music, Bikes, Blues and Brews is more my speed.

Just because I’m out of shape and lacking the coordination to ride competitively doesn’t mean I’m not stoked about Gravity Games. Many of the events have been set up to allow spectators, and let me tell you I’m an excellent spectator.

There’s a special combination that takes place during these two events, and it’s more than just beer and bratwurst. Picture it with me, it’s Saturday, which means you have no responsibilities. There’s live music on one side, and tents full of beer to sample on the other. In the middle of it all, you watch the show.

Even though their names tell me a lot about what I could expect, I still had some questions. I sat down with Andy Whitacre (Assistant Director of Mountain Operations) to find some answers. I wanted to know why this event was started, what it was about and why people thought bike jousting was a good idea. (Okay, that last one isn’t true; I think bike jousting is a great idea)

Andy started these events in 2008 while he was the Events Manager as a “last hurrah” for many downhillers. Not because the bike park closes in September, but because the weather starts to become variable and students’ “summer” has ended.

You’ll still have plenty of weekends to get out and ride, but Gravity Games is about much more than that. Gravity Games is about having fun, and spending time with hundreds of people who are just as passionate about the sport as you are.

If you’re a downhiller, we know you’ll be here. You might have sweaty palms just reading through the event list. If you have a motorcycle, you’ll probably be here too. The ride through the Enchanted Circle is good in itself, but throw in brews, blues, a bike show and great food –SOLD.

If you’re like me – you don’t own a motorcycle and have no business on a mountain bike but are in your element beer-in-hand and butt-in-lawn chair – this is an event for you.

Here’s the schedule:

Friday (September 4)

7 PM – unReal movie in the garden court

Saturday (September 5)

9 AM Photo Scavenger Hunt begins

12 PM – 7 PM Bikes, Blues & Brews serving food

2 PM Local DH Race

3 – 6 PM Live music with Rudy Boy Experiment at Bikes, Blues & Brews Tent

3-7 PM Bikes, Blues & Brews Beer Sampling,

4 PM Whip Off Contest held on the last jump on Candyland

5 PM Long Jump above Magic Carpet behind bike shop,

5 PM Chairlift closes

6:30 PM Bike Joust above Magic Carpet behind bike shop,

Sunday (September 6)

11 AM Downhill Bike Train on Boulder Dash

Tune up your mountain bikes, load up your lawn chair or fire up your hog and get up to Angel Fire Labor Day Weekend. You don’t want to miss this!


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