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Terrain Parks: Make a play date

November 13, 2014

We here at Angel Fire Resort love to play, preferably outside with lots of sunshine and good friends. The perfect place to play in the winter, is in our terrain parksThree terrain parks are set to be built throughout our mountain for maximum amounts of fun. It doesn’t matter if you’re thinking about getting into park for the first time, or if you are a seasoned veteran ready to hit your perfected cork 540, we have a park and plenty of features to fit your ability level.

Make a play date to join us for our USASA Slopestyle competition on Sunday, February 8. The sickest skiers and snowboarders from around the southwest will be here to test their skills in the Liberation terrain park.

To find out more about the fun to be had in each of our parks, check out this sweet infographic:


Safety First

When playing around with your friends in the terrain park remember, part of having fun is being safe, nobody want’s to have to call ski patrol. Remember to start small and work your way up to larger, more advanced features. This may mean stomping a straight air before you hit that 540, or drawing the shape of a feature in the snow, and practice riding over it before hitting the feature (this helps you see if your edges are flat). Catching an edge on a rail is a one way ticket to bummer-ville. Make sure you have a plan. The time to decide what trick you are doing is not when you are in the air, or in the middle of a rail. Always, always, always call your drop. You do not want to collide with your friend that also thought it was his turn. Respect everybody in the park, not just the best skiers and riders. Finally, remember to stay with in your limits, progression will come through practice, being relaxed and having confidence. Know your limits and stay safe.

AFR Insider Tip

My favorite park? Liberation, I love that it has varying features for warming up my skills then testing them on the intermediate features. I can go as big as I want to on any given day. I enjoy watching my friends on the pro-line jumps. The Summit Haus restaurant is at the top of the dedicated lift, so I can grab a quick bite, listen to some tunes and go right back to perfecting my skills.

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