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Tune In: Mark vs The Mountain

September 30, 2018

If you haven’t heard the news, KRQE Chief Meteorologist Mark Ronchetti is attempting to build the highest elevation house in New Mexico, right here at Angel Fire Resort. In his new series Mark vs The Mountain, weekly episodes focus on challenges the Ronchetti family faces as they attempt to build in an “extreme weather environment.”

Miss the first two episodes? Episode one follows Ronchetti as he convinces his wife, Krysty, and brother, Andy, of his plan to build a dream mountain house. The second episode, which aired over the weekend, is all about finding the right piece of land to develop. After examining a few other lots in the area, what draws Ronchetti to this lot is the uniqueness of the lot located near the summit of Angel Fire Resort. The lot sits at 10,600ft, about 2000ft above the Moreno Valley. This vantage point will provide stunning views of the tallest mountain in New Mexico, Wheeler Peak, to the West and well into Colorado looking North. This will also provide for an amazing ski-in, ski-out opportunity during the winter months. Because the house will be constructed at the top of the ski hill, the Ronchetti family can make turns without riding the lift for their first run of the day.

In the series third episode, Mark & Krysty sit down with the architects at DL Frey Design Group to walk through what features they want their house to have. Krysty reveals they are looking for a modern house, with rustic feels. Incorporating a large, welcoming living room and deck, we are shown a 3D render of what the house will look like. The construction begins to pick up momentum in episode four, but just as the ball gets rolling, Nate Kite and his bulldozer are needed to help fight a wildfire North of Angel Fire. Tune in next week as the foundation is poured and construction on the house begins!

Follow Mark, Krysty, Andy, and Mark & Krysty’s daughters Ava & Ella as the series unfolds and they build their dream house in the Southern Rockies. Mark vs The Mountain airs on Sunday mornings at 9:30 on FOX New Mexico this fall leading into NFL pre-game programs. For more information, you can catch up on the KRQE FOX New Mexico website. Check out the Mark vs The Mountain Facebook page for behind the scenes content & updates.

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