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Recap of Fire 5 Race #1 [Results]

May 30, 2016



Racers attitudes this weekend were at an all-time high with race #1 in the Angel Fire’s Fire 5 downhill race series getting underway. With much of Colorado still buried in snow, Angel Fire Bike Park saw a record weekend in attendance this weekend attributing to a great turnout. The track up for domination was good ol’ World Cup Top-to-Bottom.



The military deuce offers a perfect mobile starting ramp for the bike park. This will be the starting ramp for the entire series and a great spot to grab some shade before dropping in.


Racer #76 Colin Mcelyea dropping in on the first feature of World Cup. Junior Men were out in huge attendance this race weekend. The future athletes of downhill racing are super fun to watch.


Racer#129 Garret Enriquez age 15, winner of the Junior Men, scrubbing in off one of the rougher sections of the course. This kid made the course look easy and with a time just over 5 minutes, shows some serious potential from this young athlete. Definitely keep your eye out for this name in the future.


Open Women racer smashing through the rock garden. Racers this weekend were challenged with some course redesign and loose conditions.


Quintin Kurtz, winner of the Open Category rivaled Pro Times. Young Talent is so fun to watch, especially when they throw down pro times. Quintin was only 10 seconds behind Pro Men. Definitely another athlete to watch out for. Angel Fire Bike Park is known to produce amazing downhillers by means of the big mountain riding it has to offer.


Open Women -1st Place Celia Ferguson, 2nd Place Kristene Krauss, 3rd Place Terra Chism


Open Men 1st Place Quintin Kurtz, 2nd Place Brett Donahue, 3rd Jake Rehfield,


Pro Women 1st Place Jacqueline Harmony, 2nd Place Jacqueline Thomas, 3rd Place Kim Godfrey


Pro Men 1st Place Zach Graveson, 2nd Place Chris Boice, 3rd Place Harrison Ory

With $1,400 getting paid out to the top pros and over $3,000 in product distributed via top 3 in each category with a raffle that just wouldn’t stop, racers were super stoked to attend the first race in the Fire Five series.

A huge thanks goes out to all of our sponsors!

Presented by:


Fox Head  Maxima Racing OilFat Tire CyclesGoose Island IPA   Shock TopODI


Junior Women

PlaceBibNameTeam NameTime
179Hannah WeinmanGearing Up Gravity7:53.92

Junior Mens

PlaceBibTeam NameTimeDifference
129Garret Enriquez5:01.05
283Seth Pritchard5:06.60+0:05.55
3138Riggs Brown5:07.85+0:06.80
477Owen Hund05:11.0+0:09.95
574Aiden Bond5:13.63+0:12.58
670Amani Vigil5:26.76+0:25.71
776Colin Mcelyea5:37.76+0:36.71
872Evan Medcalf5:48.00+0:46.95
973Gunnar Ensign6:07.70+1:06.35
1075Khyren Hoskovee6:11.14+1:10.09
1178Mitch Rhodus7:54.04+2:52.99
1280Mason Rhodus8:05.40+3:04.35
1384Nicholas GlotfeltyDNF-

Open Women

PlaceBibNameTeam nameTimeDifference
1151Celia FergusonACOS Advernets5:32.16-
2150Kristene Krauss6:20.26+0:48.10
3154Tara Chism6:37.95+1:05.79
4152Amanda Bass6:38.86+1:06.70
5155Traci KoesisPin It Girls/leatt/5-10/sombrio/ Santa Fe7:05.93+1:33.77

Open Men

PlaceBibNameTeam nameTimeDifference
1146Quintin Kurtz04:15.6-
2131Brett DonahueFirth Racing04:18.2+0:02.56
3112Jake RehfieldHeart & Soul Racing/ Diety Components04:27.6+0:11.99
4102Shane EllisPivot - 2nd Ave04:29.6+0:14.00
5107Matt WellsACOS Advernets04:31.1+0:15.46
6115Alex Morgan "bcd"04:31.5+0:15.87
7118Shawnee "mac" McgovernSMAC04:32.8+0:17.13
8116Robert Mitchell04:36.6+0:20.95
9123Jackson JenkinsAggieland Cycling04:38.7+0:23.04
10141Eric PietriggaHeart & Soul Racing/ Diety Components04:43.1+0:27.47
11119Tom MartinACOS Advernets04:45.7+0:30.09
12149Will JohnsonTarraheart.com04:46.0+0:30.41
13109Joseph ValbertFirth Racing04:46.2+0:30.62
14144Alex Mcelyea04:48.9+0:33.28
15132Dale WillmanFlat Spot Racing04:52.8+0:37.22
16114James ObrienCandyass Racin04:53.4+0:37.80
17143Ben Liptak04:54.2+0:38.57
18122Paul Koslovsky04:55.0+0:39.35
1955Alex SchoenfieldACOS Advernets04:55.4+0:39.73
20101Matt GiraffaGuerilla Gravity04:56.7+0:41.11
21134Zachary Collman04:59.5+0:43.91
22145Ryan Reish04:59.8+0:44.16
23105Hunter McguireHeart & Soul Racing/ Diety Components05:00.2+0:44.56
24103Billy Medcalf05:00.3+0:44.64
2554Steve WilchekRabid Tree Monkeys05:07.2+0:51.54
2656Marcos Martinez05:07.2+0:51.57
27137Brian CarlFreeride 51205:09.4+0:53.74
28125Grant Gibson05:09.6+0:54.02
29133Ronald Cura05:11.0+0:55.38
30136Pablo CastanoPlanetary Cycles05:14.0+0:58.38
31148Jon Kill05:15.8+1:00.12
3258Thomas BalueGuerilla Gravity05:21.4+1:05.78
33142Antonio BacaHeart & Soul Racing/ Diety Components05:22.9+1:07.33
3464Donhen Rawn05:25.8+1:10.13
3553Andres BrizenoDownhill Syndicate Team Harmony Racing05:27.5+1:11.85
36130Seth Buckner05:28.0+1:12.40
37147Luke Burgie05:32.0+1:16.35
38121Joseph Levine05:45.2+1:29.61
39135Adam Clark505 Cycling Kona/onyx Racing05:50.2+1:34.53
40117Josh Minor05:55.2+1:39.59
41120Jacob Lopez06:01.1+1:45.45
4257David Marqax06:11.9+1:56.31
43127Arthur Fisher06:23.2+2:07.61
44139Alex BonhamLone Wolf Racing06:31.9+2:16.22
45126Rob GerwingACOS Advernets07:20.4+3:04.78
46110Zach Teixera07:27.5+3:11.83
4763Wesley Crow31:39.4+27:23.80
48104Dylan SheaClub 46632:52.6+1:28:36.93
-106Jeffrey Whall-bordeauxDNF-
-111Tanner StoltFlat Spot RacingDNF-
-140Scott BeamDNF-
-128Alec EnriquezDNS-
-129Garret EnriquezDNS-

Pro Women

PlaceBibNameTeam nameTimeDifference
1163Jacqueline HarmonyDownhill Syndicate Team Harmony Racing4:54.15-
2164Jacqueline ThomasACOS Advernets/Trestle Bike Park4:56.72+0:02.56
3160Kim GodfreyAlpinestars/novatec/Gravity Brewing5:21.94+0:27.79
4161Alicia Hamilton-JackomaitAlpinestars/novatec/Gravity Brewing5:37.35+0:43.20
5162Rachel WeaverPin It Girls/leatt/5-10/sombrio/ Santafe7:10.80+2:16.65

Pro Men

PlaceBibNameTeam nameTimeDifference
188Zach GravesonTrek Fly Racing Straightline Continental4:05.93-
286Chris BoiceEvil Bikes, Smith-enve-royal 7-idp- Onyx4:07.01+0:01.08
397Harrison OryMojo Wheels Sram, Crank Brothers4:08.07+0:02.14
487Scott GladuAbsolute Bikes Flagstaff, AZ4:10.41+0:04.48
595Daniel WeinmanGearing Up Gravity4:16.98+0:11.05
689Chase NelsonSouthridge Evol4:17.44+0:11.51
768Lucas LeMaireGuerilla Gravity4:24.97+0:19.04
866Max LowensteinDevo 2nd Ave4:26.15+0:20.22
985Ian SuppleHeart & Soul Racing/Diety Components4:28.47+0:22.54
1096Jay KendallHeart & Soul Racing/Diety Components4:29.93+0:24.00
1165Mitch ParsonsGuerilla Gravity4:32.10+0:26.17
1267Juan DelCastilloHeart & Soul Racing/ Diety Components4:39.47+0:33.54
1398Isaac Miller5:12.54+1:06.61
1469Ray SyronYT USA- One- 100% Outdoor Tech10:08.88+6:02.95
-99Dylan CraneKnolly BikesDNF-



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