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August 15, 2016

Fire5_Logo-lockupThunder looming in the distance, cool mountain breezes and razor sharp lines greeted everyone at the 3rd race in the series of Fire 5.

Fire 5 #3 saw double black diamond “Upper Chillin” once again creep its nasty head out during the series.  For the people who missed the last race (#2) and “Upper Chillin”, it was a chance to own it and for the people who raced it on #2, it was their chance to improve upon it; taking that recent race experience and capitalize.

The difference between race #2 and #3 was the 2nd part of the course.  This time fitness and pedaling ability will be the key for overall victory with “Lemonade” now in the picture, the Enduro riders were rejoicing.  If you did not want your back run up on from your minute man, you better pedal your heart out, because the single track part of the course did not have many opportunities to pass.  The perfect ingredients you need to put on a good show.


Chris Boice the winner of this race & leader of the series.

Conditions were perfect, the dirt nice and tacky from all the evening moisture the mountain had been seeing recently.  With Chris Boice leading the series in Pro Men’s, he wanted to make sure he stayed on top, and he certainly looked like he belonged there as well.  He came out of the starting ramp with blood on his mind, and ended up finishing 4:23 in 1st place.


Krista Rust won Pro Women.

The women were also out in full force.  The women’s Pro field was the biggest for the women groups, and all wanted to see their pockets lined with cash at the end of the day.  Certainly making an exciting race to see who came out on top.  When the dust settled, you could see Krista Rust standing on the top step with a time of 5:47.


Yonnah Tisserand won Junior Mens.


Hanna Weinman bib 249 won Junior Women.

The Juniors with rubber bones and a fearless mindset, allowed them to take chances, and in some cases beating some of the 18 year old plus riders at their own game. Yonnah Tisserand won for the boys and Hanna Weinman for the girls.

All in all a great race.  Looking forward to seeing what is in store at race #4 and the Gravity Games on September 4th.

-Written by Chris Blumenstetter, Events Manager for Angel Fire Bike Park


Chris Boice first place, Macky Franklin second palce, Anthony Diaz third place, Daniel Weinman fourth place, Max Lowenstein fifth place in Pro Mens.


Krista Rust first place, Jacqueline Harmony second place and Rachel Weaver third place in Pro Women.


Alex Morgan first place, Tucker Vanormer second place, Jake Rehfield third place, Donagh Rawn fourth place, and Marcos Martinez fifth place in Open Mens.


Traci Koesis first place and Amanda Bass second place in Open Mens.

Yonnah Tisserand first place, Aidan Bond second place and Garret Enriquez third place.

Yonnah Tisserand first place, Aidan Bond second place and Garret Enriquez third place.


Hanna Weinman first place in Junior Women.

Pro Men
1382Chris Boice4:23.91-
2391Macky Franklin4:33.00+0:10.09
3385Anthony Diaz4:38.89+0:14.98
4390Daniel Weinman4:47.57+0:23.67
5383Max Lowenstein4:54.53+0:30.62
6384Triton Nelson4:54.86+0:30.95
7389Neal Pederson4:57.40+0:33.49
8386Drey Smith4:59.97+0:36.06
9387Ian Supple5:13.53+0:49.62
10388Daniel Wegert5:15.78+0:51.87
Pro Women
1366Krista Rust5:47.47-
2368Jacqueline Harmony6:20.35+0:32.88
3367Rachel Weaver6:48.48+1:01.01
Open Men
1337Alex Morgan5:01.67-
2341Tucker Vanormer5:14.83+0:13.16
3339Jake Rehfield5:16.08+0:14.41
4335Donagh Rawn5:24.06+0:22.39
5343Marcos Martinez5:32.70+0:33.03
6335Donagh Rawn5:38.06+0:37.61
7342Steve Wilchek5:38.64+0:36.97
8346Zach Collman5:48.47+0:46.80
9344David Marquez6:06.21+1:04.54
10340Antonio Baca6:14.07+1:12.40
11293Matt Goguen6:22.61+1:20.94
12345Joshua Minor6:25.92+1:24.25
13294Billy Medcalf6:34.93+1:33.26
14381Ryan Smoczynski7:05.36+4:36.21
15295Bill Wade10:25.64+5:23.97
16296James BartonDNS-
17297Jacob LopezDNS-
18298Galen O'MooreDNS-
19299Cory HaralsonDNS-
20334Eric HoffmanDNS-
21336Grant GibsonDNS-
22338Dan McAuliffeDNS-
Open Women
1276Traci Koesis7:16.49-
2275Amanda Bass7:51.48+0:34.99
Junior Men
1259Yonnah Tisserand5:16.91-
2260Aidan Bond5:23.28+0:06.38
3255Garret Enriquez5:29.27+0:12.36
4256Amani Vigil5:32.62+0:15.71
5261Riggs Brown5:33.19+0:16.28
6257Evan Medcalf5:51.03+0:34.12
7252Seth Pritchard6:21.53+1:04.62
8262Josh Goguen7:43.60+2:26.69
9253Mason Rhodus7:56.14+2:39.23
10254Mitch Rhodus10:16.72+4:59.81
-263Neko BlumelDNS-
-258Owen HundDNF-
Junior Women
1249Hanna Weinman8:47.98

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