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September 6, 2016


In every race season, there is a place that seems tailor-fit for a specific event. That place is Upper Supreme to Upper Boogie.

The fitness and skills of the riders have been tested over and over, with the previous Fire 5 races and their edge nicked, dulled, sharpened, and then they struck again this day.

Regardless, for this one weekend, the rising tide of downhill mastery was met in a place where man (and of course women) and their machine tested their nerves, mental preparedness and all the work they primed for all season long.

At Angel Fire Bike Park, the end of the day we all came together a bit closer than we have before and celebrated awesome course and the competition that rose to the challenge.


© Adam Clark

The time in the trees seemed ordered, offering perfect conditions, and giving us tacky, grabby dirt, begging racers to dig that much deeper into turns and propelling them that much faster through the woody rocks and roots.

As we approach the final race of the season, people were trying to get into position for the overall race series title.  The competition was strong; with riders from Arizona, Colorado and Texas all coming to knock the local riders off the top podium.  There was a lot at stake.  Not only the prize money, but the bragging rights of conquering the course that had not been raced since 2008.  People were nervous.  You could hear people at the start gate whispering to themselves to stay upright and begging not to crash on the steep rocky course.

Newcomer Lexis Colby, brought her top National BMX ranking to her first DH race she ever entered,  Her technical handling skills that brought her fame in BMX, had her on the top step for Junior Women.



Aiden Bond continued his overall series obsession with another win and Garrett Enriquez came in right after in second place with him constantly chasing and reminding Aiden, he is here and not going away for the prize overall.


The women’s Pro was exciting with a solid win for Amanda Batty and Jacqueline Harmony on her heels.  Watching the Pro field, you swear it was a UCI World Cup, they women came out with laser beam focus.



Chris Boice is the current overall series leader, but a little bad luck and lack of travel on this very specific DH course, allowed him a second place in Fire Five #4, with Chris Higgerson taking advantage of the conditions and his equipment for the win.



If it wasn’t obvious from the long hours, the foregone weekends, and nights spent on couches, floors, and the ground, the race staff of Fire 5, is devoted to downhill racing. They are able to bring the energy and can I say it? “fire” that they have to these races, with fresh courses, sponsorship support and all the details to make this event successful. As a group, they all produced several races this year, hosting hundreds of riders, and keeping the stoke alive.

-Written by Chris Blumenstetter, Events Manager for Angel Fire Bike Park

Pro Men
1467Chis Higgerson3:54.99
2466Chris Boice4:00.01
3465Dan Weinman4:14.08
4469Ian Supple4:30.39
5468Kendall Weingardt4:35.48
6470Greg Montoya6:20.53
Pro Women
1457Amanda Batty4:42.62
2459Jacqueline Harmony4:54.47
3458Kim Godfrey5:26.48
4460Rachel Weaver6:31.39
Open Men
1433Armin Davis4:07.16
2434RJ Orr4:28.29
3438Mark Milliken4:29.33
4440Billy Medcalf4:43.84
5443Jake Rehfield4:45.34
6436Cory Haralson4:46.22
7439Joe Dodds4:47.19
8445Art Alcontara5:00.09
9431Justin Smith 5:02.97
10429Jackson Jenkins5:08.69
11446Marcos Martinez5:14.96
12442Andrew James5:18.09
13435Donaugh Rawn5:19.06
14447David Marquez5:20.13
15430Estivan Rivera5:20.59
16428Nicholas Heine5:25.65
17427Sergio Cortez5:43.48
18432Jacob Lopez6:04.72
19444Brian Norris6:06.96
20449Luke Sanders-Self7:18.82
21441Alex Bondham7:22.71
22437Gaelan O'Moore7:52.90
23448Erik PietrygaDNS
Open Women
1423Kristine Krauss5:45.95
2424Megan Muretta6:15.07
3425Traci Koesis6:57.39
4426Amanda Bass7:30.72
5422Caitlin HaysDNS
Junior Boys
1183Aiden Bond4:12.88
2189Garrett Enriquez4:12.92
3184Riggs Brown4:14.76
4187Amani Vigil4:21.84
5185Owen Hund4:28.72
6188Evan Medcalf4:30.41
7186Seth Pritchard4:36.19
Junior Girls
1180Lexis Colby4:07.28
2181Hanna Weiman7:04.04

A huge thanks goes out to all of our sponsors!

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