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October 13, 2016


Angel Fire Bike Park Crowns the new King and Queen of the mountain.

What a race, what a series! We anticipated that it would come down to the last race, and it certainly did not disappoint.

Angel Fire Fire 5 Finale
The perfect crisp fall conditions brought riders from all over the Rockies. While the bike parks in Colorado closed earlier in the month, that did not stop the riders from the state making pilgrimage for one last run down the mountain before the season ended for all. The New Mexican riders were looking to be crowned top dog after a great season of racing and riding on their home mountain.The Fire was run on World Cup top to bottom for a nail biting finale. The trail crew spent weeks tweaking it to be the fastest flowing World Cup to date. Mission accomplished.
Junior Girls

Junior Woman and current National Champion: Hannah Weinman started the event off first down the black diamond course. She finished first in 7:31 and clinched the overall series.

One of the most exciting categories was the Junior Men as the top five were all in contention to take the overall series. Riders from Europe and Colorado came down to be the party spoilers, but in the end Amani Vigil took the win with a blistering time of 4:45 and secured a second overall in the Series, with Garrett Enriquez’s high placing of the day secured his overall series win and a lucky recipient of a 2017 Gravity Pass.Open Women had a strong field with the College Championships happening the same weekend here. In the end, Silvia Roth from Switzerland took the win, with Amanda Bass taking the overall title of the series.The biggest category was Open Men with 25 racers lining up at the starting gate. Colorado rider Sean McGovern took the win and Jake Rehfeld from Heart & Soul Racing took the overall.

Big money was at stake, and the region’s top pro women were there in force. Amanda Batty took her second win of the year but missing her minimum races for the series had her off the overall. Jacqueline Harmony’s consistency and a staple in the race series landed her a $900 paycheck as an overall winner (drinks were on her!).


Chris Boice clinched the Pro Men overall with a podium in Fire 5 #4, and Zach Graveson took the win with a World Cup time of 4:13! The fastest of the day.

Thanks to all that made this happen. Timers, Sponsors, Trail Crew, Medics, Marshalls. It was a team effort to make this the best DH Series in the U.S.

Check out the full photo album on Pinkbike.

Race 5 Results:

Pro Men
1354Zach Graveson4:13.37
2355Tanner Stephens4:14.63
3347Austin Hackett4:16.48
4358Drey Smith4:17.91
5349Daniel Weinman4:22.88
6352Max Lowenstein4:24.65
7356Triton Nelson4:27.98
8351Ian Supple4:39.18
9350Matson Hunter4:47.32
10359Greg Montoya5:55.92
-357Macky FranklinDNF
-353Brian WannuzziDNF
-348Lucas UrtiagaDNF
Pro Women
1281Amanda Batty4:43.41
2280Jacqueline Harmony4:46.25
3278Kim Godfrey5:16.69
4282Krista Rust5:24.80
5277Celia Ferguson6:03.47
6283Rachel Weaver6:11.94
Open Men
1264Sean McGovern4:32.55
2241Tucker Vanormer4:35.60
3248Jake Rehfeld4:38.02
4245Robert Klima4:43.17
5244Mathew Cork4:51.31
6243Billy Medcalf4:52.70
7237Jackson Youngman4:55.37
8240Justin Smith4:58.93
9251Travis Cottrell4:59.75
10242Cory Haralson5:00.82
11234Eric Sunderland5:01.28
12246The Gooch5:01.34
13230Jenkins Jackson5:04.56
14250Andrew James5:05.70
15232Chase Rowan5:06.98
16235Jeffrey Surdo5:15.93
17239Darrell Parker5:19.10
18229Andrew Farrell5:20.70
19236Isaac Tafoya5:21.54
20265Donagh Rawn5:24.23
21247David Marquez5:27.91
22228Scott Eldred5:46.82
23231Jacob Lopez5:47.07
24227Miles Dixon5:47.28
-233Ryan SmoczynskiDNS
Open Women
1221Silvia Roth5:22.15
2220Kristine Krauss5:41.21
3223Katie Gillen6:10.88
4224Megan Muretta6:28.04
5222Amanda Bass6:41.71
Junior Men
1205Amani Vigil4:48.54
2207Aidan Bond4:51.92
3215Yonnah Tiwserand4:55.04
4204Garrett Enriquez4:55.49
5217Owen Hund4:59.28
6208Riggs Brown5:04.19
7218Evan Medcalf5:08.97
8219Gabriel Rivera5:26.95
9216Ulysses Yarbrough5:40.20
10206Garrett Baker5:48.73
11209Lakeland Ensign6:15.77
12213Khyren Hoskovec6:23.22
13203Mason Rhodus7:09.22
14202Mitch Rhodus8:22.23
-214Bradley StrongDNS
-212Nick GlotfeltyDNS
-211Gunnar EnsignDNS
Junior Women
1201Hannah Weinman7:31.03

Overall Series Results:

Pro MenRace #1Race #2Race #3Race #4Race #5Series Total
Chris Boice8010010080360
Daniel Weinman56637056245
Max Lowenstein41705646213
Pro WomenRace #1Race #2Race #3Race #4Race #5
Jacqueline Harmony100808080340
Rachel Weaver56706347236
Open MenRace #1Race #2Race #3Race #4Race #5
Jake Rehfield707056196
Billy Medcalf383463135
Jackson Jenkins385636130
Marcos Martinez345634124
Open WomenRace #1Race #2Race #3Race #4Race #5
Amanda Bass631008063306
Traci Koesis568010070306
Junior MenRace #1Race #2Race #3Race #4Race #5
Garrett Enriquez100807080330
Amani Vigil1006363100326
Aiden Bond568010080316
Junior WomenRace #1Race #2Race #3Race #4Race #5
Hanna Weinman10010080100380

A huge thanks goes out to all of our sponsors!

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