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Recap: Gravity Games & Fire 5: Race 5

October 1, 2018

One of our favorite bike park weekend of the year has come and gone. 2018 Gravity Games & The Fire 5 Series are officially in the books!

Gravity Games 2018

The weather for the 2018 Gravity Games could not have been any better! Light snowfall earlier in the week set Angel Fire Bike Park up with some much-needed moisture. Stoke was at an all-time high thanks to the #RedBullDolores DJ Truck and the mobile Red Bull bar! Santa Fe Brewing Company made sure everyone was well hydrated throughout the day. A very special thanks goes out to Jamis Bikes for bringing a full demo fleet. Gravity Games 2018 is going to be hard to top, but we’ve got big plans for next year!

2018 Fire 5 Series: Race #5

Things got a bit wild on Sunday. A snowstorm started brewing early Sunday morning, which made the race course a bit…”spicy.” The Juniors fearlessly blazed through the snow before the adults took the course. Thank you to all racers throughout the season, and especially the ones that braved the weather to race this weekend! A huge shout out to Fox Racing, Schwalbe Tires, Santa Fe Brewing Company, & Pit Viper!

Junior Men

Place     Bib     Name                   Time
1            273    Evan Medcalf     5:25.5
2            285    Seth Prichard     5:57.4
3            288    Ethan Osvold     6:08.5

Junior Women

Place    Bib     Name                    Time
1            272    Anaiise Puzak      7:28.4
2            271    Janelle Soukup    7:47.6

Lil’ Shredders Boys

Place    Bib     Name                     Time
1            495    Ty Sisneros           3:48.6
2           498    Colin Oberg           4:23.6
3           497    Culbert Hoskovec  4:25.7

Lil’ Shredders Girls

Place   Bib     Name                      Time
1           490    Caitlin Oberg         3:41.0

Masters Men

Place  Bib      Name                           Time
1          471      Shawnee McGovern  5:45.9
2         360     Brian Abruzzi               6:04.2
3         472     Jeff Oberg Masters      6:34.0

Open Men

Place  Bib      Name                           Time
1          392     Jubal Jensen              5:59.9
2         393     Jack Peterson             6:30.9
3         377      Luke Burgie                6:34.1


Open Women

Place   Bib     Name                           Time
1           270    Hanna Weinman       6:26.2
2          370     Teagan Hunter           7:10.0
3          369     Allison Williams         7:22.7


We’re Not Done Yet!

Angel Fire Bike Park is planning on closing on October 21, which means we still have one weekend left to go! As excited as we are to get some snow, we’re hoping the weather holds off and we can run the Chile Express one more weekend! To sweeten the deal, bring your season pass from any other Bike Park in North America and get your lift ticket for half price! Stay tuned to the Angel Fire Bike Park Facebook Page for all updates and announcements!

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