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Sunset Special Private Lesson

Are you arriving mid-day or late afternoon and can’t wait to hit the slopes? Learn to ski under the stars! Sunset Private Lessons are available during periods when Night Skiing is happening!

This lesson includes a night skiing lift ticket and is offered at 4 PM on days that night skiing is offered.

2019/20 Pricing:

 1 Person2 People3-4 People
1 Hour
(4 PM)
2 Hours
(4 PM)

Pricing does not include tax.

To book, please call 575-377-4383 or visit the Ski & Snowboard School Sales Office to check availability.

Private Lessons:

A one hour private is not recommended for a first time skier or snowboarder.  Deluxe First timer or all day children’s packages are you best bet. One hour privates are great for refreshers and for very young children one on one


  • The best value and results for Children (especially under that age of 10) is attending our Children’s Center Group lesson program (hyperlink) where the whole day of indoor and outdoor lessons, rentals, lunch and lift ticket is provided.  Children learn in a paced environment with appropriate breaks and with kids their own age and ability.  They have their own conveyor lift and our average class size (for the season) is under 4 kids per instructor.  You drop them off at 8am with a reservation, you pick them up at 3:30 having spent a whole day of fun and learning for less money than you pay for private, rental, tickets and lunch.
  • Although we do 3-4 person privates, they are not recommended for a group of children together who are first time or novice skiers or riders who are not competent on a Chairlift or independently skiing greens without wedge edgies or with parental harnesses.

Family Privates and multiple person privates:

  • Family privates are for groups of people who are all over the age of 10 if they are learning for the first time.  Families may be group a few children who are already independently skiing greens or blues.  It is not recommended, and we will not sell groups of first time children or children under 10 with adults who have never skied or snowboarded before or those who are not independent (we will not for instance, sell 3 four year olds together for 3 hours if they are not independently skiing greens).  Please don’t ask us to.
  • Small children’s lessons should be appropriately paced.  More than 2 hours on an individual one on one basis is extreme and shows diminishing return.  A private lesson is a learning experience and is not a substitute for babysitting. Children under 6 should start with one hour and in individual private lessons.
  • What does “Independent skiing or riding mean”  A child or adult is considered independent when they can (Ski) in a gliding wedge, stop with a braking wedge or turn uphill, can link turns in both directions on easy green terrain and understands the use and has ridden a chairlift.  For snowboarding they also ride the lift and can falling leaf heelside and are learning to move from heelside to toeside.  Skiers and riders have developed the functional tension in their legs and feet to ski or ride without physical assist or the use of tip clamps or other devices.  They are learning the Skiers Safety code and understand lift use.
  • Our reservationists are experts at setting you up for success.  We want to steer you to the best possible outcome for you to become better skiers and riders.  In our experience we know what works and what does not.  We will not sell you a product that we feel does not provide you with the best possible outcome or solution. 

Other important considerations:

  • Private Lessons do not include a lift ticket or rental equipment.
  • You must be at the Meeting Place at least 15 minutes prior to the start of your lesson, with lift ticket and equipment on ready to go.  Plan on at least an hour or more for rental fitting and processing.  If you have an Early Bird or 9 am start, go to the rental shop at 8 AM or the afternoon before.

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