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Special Moments of Magic | Trail Status

September 2, 2016


Sometimes we get a special break with the weather that is undoubtedly out of this world when it comes to maintaining and re-routing trail.  The past couple of weeks have been no exception to this, as we have had some awesome rain events move through the area.  With dirt that is accepting to the rain, and a motivated trail crew, we have been able to tackle a ton of projects in the past couple of weeks.



Look forward to a new section on Lemonade!  This past week, trail crew has been super busy adding a new segment of Lemonade that is sure not to disappoint!


We’ve also been busy digging in the mountainside prepping Devinci’s Code for completion.  We are still a ways out from finishing it, but we promise it’ll be an amazing blue trial offering an alternative way down into the mid-way point in the bike park.

The 6th annual Gravity Games are this weekend, and we are primed and ready to go.  With a bunch of fun and free activities, what more can one ask for? It’s sure to be an awesome time with a chance to win prizes like 2017 season passes, new helmets and other bike gear, to watching the Not2Bad movie premier!  Hope to see everyone out this weekend, dirt and good times should be at an all time high!

Hogan Koesis

Bike Park Director

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