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  1. Wednesday
    Precip. 82%
  2. Thursday
    Precip. 20%
  3. Friday
    Precip. 14%
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Yummy yummy yummy, we’ve got rocks in our tummy

August 15, 2016

The trail crew knocked it out of the park rerouting Duke. This sections was always the ugly face of the bike park as it was essentially an old logging road that had been adopted.  Now, it’s a super fun and has a ton of character that is sure not to disappoint. Take a left at Junction B and go from there. If you see a trail crew employee out there, give them a high-5 as this section of trail was absolutely brutal to dig through. It was 4 ft. of rock before any dirt was to be found. Sorry it took so long, but wow, what a difference it is!



Also, from the trail head of Chutes and Ladders got a lot of love.  Look forward to some smoother lines and flowy jumps throughout the top section this weekend!  Next weekend, we will debut the new section of Boulder Dash as well.



 Let’s talk about the weather.  So when you don’t live in Angel Fire, one could imagine how nasty the weather can be judging by the forecast.  However, when you live here, the experience is much different.  For example, on a day that has a 60% of thunder showers and has an ominous outlook really has the potential to be awesome.  Many of the days start out amazing and yeah, by 1:30-2:00pm, we can get some thunder showers.

However, until that time, the trail conditions are usually all time from the light rain from the night before.  What I’m trying to say is, don’t let the weather keep you away.  Get to the chairlift first thing, right when it opens.  Shred the mountain until your heart is content, then by 2pm you’ll be ready for that après ride beverage and to share tales of epicness from the day with your friends.  Or, bring a trail bike and enjoy some of the amazing XC/All-Mountain trails in the Valley.

Come on out, the dirt and trail conditions are amazing!

Hogan Koesis

Bike Park Director

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