Kids’ Activities

Angel Fire Resort features a number of activities for children at the base area of the mountain and a playground and plenty of room to run at Olympic Park.

Climbing Wall

Get a grip — on over 100 holds. Novices and experts can safely climb routes that include the ‘gnarly tree’ and ‘treacherous waterfall’. It’s good fun — and great exercise!
Price: $9, includes 5 climbs | Weight limit: 35-200lbs.


This combo trampoline-pulley hoists you and three others into the air to flip, fly and jump yourself silly.
Price: $9, 5 minutes | Weight limit: 20-200lbs

Bounce House

This inflatable house is a great treat for the little ones.  Bounce around in this soft air filled house.  The floor and walls are giant air-filled pillows, so jump around until you can’t jump anymore. Kids only.
Price: $5, 7 minutes | Weight limit: 150lbs | Height limit: 34″ – 60″

Package Prices

$20, includes the Climbing Wall, Eurobungy and Bounce House.
For $25, you can get all three base activities, plus a ride on the Chile Express!

To purchase tickets for the base area kids’ activities, visit the Ticket Office at the base of the Chile Express chairlift.

Olympic Park

Near the golf course, Olympic Park provides a great backdrop for a relaxing family fun day. It’s outfitted with a small pond, playground equipment, tennis courts, basketball courts and picnic area.