Kids’ Activities

Angel Fire Resort features a number of activities for children at Monte Verde Lake and a playground with plenty of room to run at Olympic Park.

Monte Verde Lake

Climbing Wall

Get a grip — on over 100 holds. Novices and experts can safely climb routes that include the ‘gnarly tree’ and ‘treacherous waterfall’. It’s good fun — and great exercise!
Price: $9/5 climbs | Weight limit: 35-200lbs.


This combo trampoline-pulley hoists you and three others into the air to flip, fly and jump yourself silly.
Price: $9/5 minutes | Weight limit: 20-200lbs

Package Prices

$15/Climbing Wall & Eurobungy. To purchase tickets for the kids’ activities, visit the Monte Verde Lake Office.

Kids activities will be available daily from 10 AM – 5 PM & Monte Verde Lake will be attended from 8 AM – 6 PM until September 30th.

Olympic Park

Near the golf course, Olympic Park provides a great backdrop for a relaxing family fun day. It’s outfitted with a small pond, playground equipment, tennis courts, basketball courts and picnic area.