Disc Golf

An 18-hole disc golf course is located at the summit of the mountain. Disc golf is free to play but requires a lift ticket or season pass to access the chairlift. Please check our summer chairlift schedule for the days and hours of operation (subject to weather). 

Hole number one is located straight ahead off the chairlift across from The Chapel. The course includes both amateur and pro tee pads, and takes you through a scenic hike at 10,000+ feet elevation. The last hole brings you back to the central summit area.

Course maps, disc rentals and scorecards are available in the Ticket Office at the base of the Chile Express chairlift. Call (575) 377-4383 for any additional information.


Disc Golf Package
Includes a lift ticket and disc rental.

$22 Adults (ages 13-64)
$18 Children (ages 4-12)

Disc-only Rental

$10 All Ages

Disc Golf Rules

Disc Golf is easy to learn and easy to play for those who are new to the sport.

  1. Each hole will have a Par, each stroke is a single throw, and the goal is to get the disc into the basket, or target, in the fewest amount of throws.
  2. The furthest person from the hole always shoots first.
  3. Certain holes will require you to shoot to the right or left of specific features, these will be marked on the signage at each tee pad.


Planning to ride lift?  Save time by signing our waiver online! If you are under the age of 18 and will be coming without your parent or guardian, please be sure to have your parent or guardian complete this release before you arrive at the Ticket Office.