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At Angel Fire Resort, we strive to give every guest the opportunity to experience outdoor activities and resort recreation. It’s our mission to promote an inclusive environment where all guests can enjoy their experience to the fullest. Increasing our accessibility to guests with disabilities is an ongoing process that will continue to evolve and improve in the years to come.

Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding Angel Fire Resort accessibility or need to request assistance or accommodation please contact We ask that you request accommodations at least 5 days (120) hours in advance.

Resort Activities 

Certain activities at the Resort have safety requirements that all participants must meet. We will handle each situation on a case-by-case basis and try to find a way for individuals with disabilities to participate in resort activities through modification of policy, accessible communication, and barrier removal including adaptive equipment. However, accommodations must be reasonable and not compromise safety requirements, fundamentally alter the program, or create a direct threat to an individual.

Handicap Access to the Slopes and Base Area:

The ticket offices, base area, chairlifts, and slopes can most easily be accessed by driving up to the Ticket Offices and parking in the handicapped parking spaces that are near the bottom of the Chile Express Chairlift (across from El Jefe). There is a ramp at this location. A few facilities such as the Photo Shop, Guest Services Office, and Retail/Rental Shop are accessible only by stairs. During the winter ski season please call Guest Services at 575-377-4357 for assistance in accessing these facilities.

Service Animals

Angel Fire Resort supports the use of trained service animals (dogs and miniature horses only). All service animals must meet current ADA guidelines including, remaining under the direct control of the user at all times; being housebroken; and being specifically trained to aid a person with a disability. The use of the breed of miniature horses as service animals must meet the standards set forth by the American Miniature Horse Association. Certain areas on resort property may be restricted from the use of miniature horses due to weight, size, or other safety considerations associated with each location.

Angel Fire Resort has a policy of no animals on ski and bike terrain or chairlifts. The use of service animals on chairlifts and ski/bike terrain conflicts with Angel Fire Resort’s safety requirements necessary for the reasonably safe operation of our chairlifts and on-slope activities. These safety concerns include the use of service animals on the slopes that expose the user and skiers/snowboarders/bikers to a safety hazard. These safety concerns are compounded by our facility’s large volume of trail use. There are two exceptions to the policy:

  • An exception to this rule allows for dogs specifically trained, or in the process of being trained, for avalanche search and rescue work and under the direct control of Resort Staff.
  • An exception to this rule allows for service dogs to be transported on the chairlift while secured to a persons chest in a front baby carrier. This exception only applies to the riding of the chairlift and does not apply to bike, ski, or other mountain terrain.

The NM Service Animal Act prohibits a person from misrepresenting an animal as a Service Animal and provides penalties, including a fine and/or jail time.

Dietary Restrictions

When guests with allergies or dietary restrictions visit our restaurants they are encouraged to explain their dietary needs to our staff.  Children’s Ski School is a nut-free zone. The meals that are served will not contain nuts and students are instructed to not bring food items that contain nuts into the Ski School building.

Mobility Devices

In general, Angel Fire Resort allows mobility devices anywhere foot traffic is allowed. The Ski Area and Bike Park allow the use of adaptive devices or other ‘‘manually-powered mobility aids’’ designed for use on the slopes/trails.  The use of power-driven devices or vehicles by the public, including other power-driven mobility devices used by individuals with mobility disabilities, that were not primarily designed for use by individuals with disabilities, poses a safety hazard to individuals using the Ski Area trails for skiing, mountain biking, and hiking given the size, weight, dimensions, and speed of these devices; the potential for collisions with other visitors;  the high volume of traffic on the trails; and the substantial risk of serious impacts to natural resources caused by these vehicles. Please contact us to discuss your individual situation so that we can try to find a reasonable accommodation as it applies to mobility devices. The Angel Fire Resort Ski School has a limited selection of adaptive equipment available to rent. If you are interested in renting adaptive equipment or taking an adaptive ski lesson please contact Central Reservations at  (844) 218-4107. 

Adaptive Ski Lessons

Our mission is to help skiers with disabilities develop new skills and build self-confidence. We strive to create an atmosphere that produces positive physical, psychological, and therapeutic results. For more information please click here.

Special Events

Some of the events held at Angel Fire Resort are located in rugged terrain with limited access points. Angel Fire Resort will handle each event and each circumstance on a case-by-case basis as it applies to spectating or participating. Please contact us at least 5 days (120 hours) in advance to request accommodation during a special event.

Lift Tickets – Skiing and Mountain Biking

Guests that require assistance to load, ride, or unload the chairlifts because of a disability may purchase a season pass or day tickets at the window rate. With that pass purchase, they will be able to receive a single complimentary 1-day lift ticket for their assistant. Season pass holders may request a day ticket for their assistant for each day that they ski.

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