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Safety & Responsibility

at Angel Fire Bike Park

Angel Fire Bike Park

Angel Fire Bike Park
Safety & Responsibility

Allowed (and not allowed) On-Mountain Devices

View Summer Devices Allowed and Not Allowed or Restricted to find out which devices are allowed to be used on the mountain (Bike Park trails and chairlifts) and which devices are not allowed.

Know Before You Go!

Here are the Top Things to Know Before Hitting the Downhill Bike Trails

Injuries are Common while Mountain Biking

Injuries are common while mountain biking and a part of the sport. Carry a cell phone while on the mountain and have a local emergency contact available. If you get lost or have an emergency, please call (575) 377-4209 and stay on the line until all information has been gathered.


Helmets are mandatory while riding in the Bike Park and in the Skills Park. Full face helmets are strongly recommended when riding the lift served trails, even if you only plan to ride the Green trails.


Close-toed, sturdy shoes are required for biking. Please do not wear open-toed shoes or sandals while biking as the risk of foot injuries is significant.

Notice: Trails Change Daily

Trail conditions change constantly due to a variety of factors including weather. Trees and branches can fall on trails at any time. Ride with caution and be prepared for changing conditions. Notify a staff member of any hazards on the trails.

Ride Smart

Slow down before you speed up. Ride the trail multiple times to get familiar with the features and equipment you are on so you can more confidently increase your skills without exceeding your limits.

Pre-Ride: Start slow, scope out every feature, everyday. Trails change daily

Re-Ride: Lap the trail a few times to get to know the flow of the features

Free-Ride: Start small and work your way up to faster speeds and larger features

Mountain Bikers Responsibility Code

Mountain Bike Checklist

The trails of Angel Fire Bike Park are rough and demanding on both the bike and the body. Before riding, always inspect your equipment or have it checked by a qualified bike mechanic.

✅ Ensure your helmet is in good shape and properly adjusted.

✅ Inspect bike frame for cracks, damaged or dented areas.

✅ Ensure you have sufficient brake pads to stop while descending.

✅ Front and rear axles (skewers) should be tight.

✅ Headset and stem must be secure with no looseness or play.

✅ Check that tires are in good condition, with no tears or cuts in the sidewall.

✅ Handlebar and grips must be tight and unable to spin.

✅ Seat and seat post need to fastened securely.

If you have any doubt about your bike’s parts or condition, you should check with a qualified bicycle mechanic for further advice.

Bike Patrol

Bike Patrollers are on the mountain during hours of operation. Please be aware that the bike trails are not cleared / swept at the end of the day. We highly recommend riding in pairs. If you get lost or have an emergency, please call (575) 377-4209 and stay on the line until all information has been gathered.

Hours of Operation

The bike park, bike trails, hiking trails, and mountain activities are open when the Chile Express chairlift is running. Accessing the bike park, bike trails, hiking trails, and mountain activities after-hours is prohibited.

Lift Status & Trail Status


It is your responsibility to know what trails are open and what trails are closed. Trails can be closed with a rope or a “Closed” sign at the most likely entrance onto a trail which is usually at the top. Ending up on a closed trail could result in your biking privileges being suspended.

High Altitude Environment

At 10,000′ elevation, exposure to the sun is much greater. Wear sunscreen and eye protection while on the mountain. Those who live at a lower elevation may experience altitude sickness when visiting the mountain. Symptoms may include nausea, headaches, loss of appetite, or difficulty breathing. Seek medical attention if symptoms persist.

Lightning and Thunderstorms

Lightning and thunderstorms are common in the mountains. Storms generally occur in the afternoon, causing the Chile Express to be on hold for a brief amount of time. This is for your safety! Take a break and you will be back on the mountain shortly — and the trails will be sweet.

Fire Danger

Smoking is prohibited on all lifts and is discouraged on-mountain due to potential fire danger. Your actions can reduce the risk from wildfire to homes and communities.

Drone Policy

In the interest of the health, welfare and safety for our guests, employees, and property, Angel Fire Resort strictly prohibits the unauthorized use of drones and all other remote-controlled aircraft on its property.  This prohibition includes but is not limited to, Aircraft launched off-site that travels anywhere on or above Resort property. Written application may be made to the Resort Marketing Department requesting an exception to this prohibition.

On Mountain Vehicles

Trucks, UTV’s, ATV’s, and other equipment may be encountered on the trails at any time. Stay clear. Give them space!


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