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Wade Gungoll

Wade Gungoll: A Long-Time Visitor Recently Turned Member

Wade Gungoll may have been born and raised in Enid, OK, but he grew up at Angel Fire Resort. His parents honeymooned here in 1975 and brought their family back for annual ski vacations through the 1990s. Wade, his wife, Brianne, and their two children, Lilah and Henry, currently reside full-time in Austin. Wade and Brianne have been property owners since October of 2020 and look forward to continuing the Gungoll family’s Angel Fire traditions.

Read on to learn more about Wade, his legal expertise, and how he would conduct himself if elected to the AAFPO Board.

What, in your opinion, is the most pressing issue facing the Member community?
My platform is simple and can be distilled down to two key positions. First and foremost, I will work diligently to protect the home values of all AAFPO Members. To be clear, our home values and the future of Angel Fire Resort are under direct threat due to the currently comprised Board’s recent actions. Secondly, I will leverage my skill set and personality to restore a professional and collaborative relationship with the Resort, following the old adage, “Trust, but verify.”

Within the first month of being elected, I will work with the other duly elected Board members to accomplish the following:

  1. I will move to stay the pending lawsuit, pressing pause on the expenditure of thousands of dollars on what is an inevitably fruitless effort;
  2. I will orchestrate face-to-face meetings between the Board and the Resort, which will be conducted in full transparency, to restore a spirit of reasonable trust, accountability, and cooperation;
  3. I will seek the appointment of a neutral, third-party auditor to review the Resort’s finances relative to the allegations made in the lawsuit;
  4. Upon a conclusive review of all facts and information, the auditor will release a comprehensive report with findings and recommendations such that AAFPO and the Resort may move past these present and untenable circumstances.

How will you help AAFPO act in your fellow Members’ best interests?
As members of a truly special community, I believe we must demand better of the AAFPO Board. Currently, the Board is acting adversely to Member interests, filing an ill-conceived lawsuit without notice or consultation with the Membership, deliberately circulating misinformation, issuing inflammatory “official” email responses, and behaving unprofessionally during Board meetings. I can assure my fellow Members that if I am entrusted with a Board position, these types of antics will cease immediately. I will help get the train back on the tracks by reestablishing a cooperatively accountable relationship with the Resort.

What special skills or experiences would you bring to the AAFPO Board?
I earned my J.D. from the Columbia University School of Law in 2007 and have more than a decade of leadership experience in both solar energy and oil and gas development organizations. I also have board experience, having previously served as an Executive Council Member and legal counsel to the Oklahoma Sports Hall of Fame (formerly the Jim Thorpe Association.) Although this organization is most known for the Jim Thorpe Award, presented annually to the nation’s best collegiate football defensive back, it also promotes community development and healthy lifestyle choices for local youth.

What makes Angel Fire Resort feel most like home to you?
Everything. The cozy, mountain-lodge feel of the Country Club facility, the family-friendly ski mountain, the helpful and caring staff, the summer programs available for children. There is no other Rocky Mountain experience comparable to what we enjoy at Angel Fire Resort.

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