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8 Great Hikes for Kids Near Angel Fire Resort

August 15, 2023

Ditch the tablets and video games and lace up your hiking boots because it’s time for some family hikes. Parents have probably heard how important it is for kids to get outside and be in nature, but hiking adds an extra layer of benefit for the kids. There’s just something about putting one foot in front of the other to reach a destination or conquer a challenge that’s a metaphor for . . . well, all of life.

Did you know that hiking can also bolster a child’s self-esteem, help them learn to adapt to adversity, boost their resilience to stress, and improve their judgment when it comes to taking risks? Not to mention, it provides excellent family time. So what are you waiting for? Make sure to add a kid-friendly hike to your Angel Fire Resort itinerary.

Below is a list of some great hikes for kids. Which one will you take first?

Middle Fork Lake Trail

Carson National Forest- Near Red River

Best for upper elementary age and older.

The family will face some elevation gain on this hike. This trail leads to a lake where you may want to pack a picnic for a snack or bring water shoes and bathing suits for a swim. Keep your eyes peeled for lots of wildlife, birds, wildflowers, and aspens. Wear waterproof shoes as you will walk through some water. A waterfall is a good place to rest halfway through the hike. 4-wheel drive is suggested to get to the trailhead parking

Williams Lake Trail

Carson National Forest

Best for upper elementary age and older.

Be prepared for some elevation gain. There’s a lake and waterfall at the end of the trail for a nice treat. Bring water shoes or a bathing suit to enjoy the lake before you head back to the car.

Oeste Vista Loop

Best for upper elementary age and older.

You’ll face quite a bit of elevation gain. But the trek is worth it for the beautiful views of Angel Fire Golf Course, Monte Verde Lake, and more. One you reach the top, you’ll find a picnic table that’s perfect for a snack break. You’ll find some fun Geocache spots on trail. Parking is easy. It’s right across the street from Angel Fire Resort turn off. A small creek flows through the bottom of the trail. And if you have a pup, it’s a great hike for dogs.

Deer, Coyote, Bear, Bobcat Loop

All ages!

We love this trail because you’re sure to spot wildlife, birds, and wildflowers. Park behind the Angel Fire Visitors Center near Frontier Park. The hike is wooded and shady. This trail can be done as a loop or you can walk as far as little legs can go and turn back. This is a great trail to start with if you’re traveling from a lower elevation.

Elliot Barker Trail

National Forest Trail

Best for upper elementary age and older.

This is a great hike for fall months as there are a lot of aspen trees. Get those cameras ready! Wildlife, birds, and wildflowers abound as well. There are some Geocache spots on the trail. Download the app before you go.

Lady Slipper Trail

Angel Fire Resort Trail

All ages!

You’ll find a bit of an elevation gain. And there are lots of good Geocaching spots on the trail to keep kids engaged. Shade is a must with littles, and this trail does not disappoint. You’ll find great tree coverage with moss. Make sure to plan this hike during the fall because there are many aspens. Park at Monte Verde Lake parking lot and walk around the lake to reach the start of the trail.

Monte Verde Lake Loop

Angel Fire Resort Trail

All ages!

Looking for a nice place for an easy and beautiful sunset stroll? Monte Verde Lake is perfect for families with kids of all ages. This loop is 1 mile with no elevation gain and so much to see. Monte Verde Lake Loop is a well-maintained trail but may be muddy depending on when it rained last. Watch boats, fish, birds, and wildlife from the trail.

Clear Creek Trail

Colin Noblest State Wildlife Area

All ages!

This is a local favorite spot. Drive towards Cimmeron and look carefully because it’s easy to miss. If you see a large log with water flowing from it, you know you’re in the right place. Park there. It follows a creek the entire hike. Bring water shoes and gold mining pails and expect to take a lot of breaks to sit and enjoy the water. There are some tricky bridge areas so be prepared to help little ones or the elderly with these spots.

Remember to leave no trace and have a great time.

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