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  1. Sunday
    Precip. 0%
  2. Monday
    Precip. 29%
  3. Tuesday
    Precip. 96%
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Season Pass Protection Plan

When you purchase a season pass at Angel Fire Resort, you are making a long-term commitment to save money and time. It is our hope that you will get the most out of your purchase, but the unexpected may occur, preventing you from utilizing your season pass at the Resort.

The Angel Fire Season Pass Protection Plan (AFWSPPP) coverage offers internal credit or in some cases, reimbursement for the pro-rated cost of the unused portion of your season pass. This pass protection is not transferable or refundable. You will be asked or prompted to include pass protection in your transaction.   If you do not accept pass protection, you will not be eligible for a refund or internal credit of any kind. You also understand that season passes are not transferable. Angel Fire Season Pass Protection is $25 at the time of purchase. AFWSPPP cannot be added after the purchase of a season pass and refunds or credit will not be given for any reason to pass holders without AFWSPPP.

There are only 2 reasons a prorated credit may be given:

  1. Verifiable injury or medical condition which will not allow you to ski or ride. A doctor’s letter on official letterhead with the date of onset and description of the condition or injury. Pregnancy is excluded. This must be sent in with a season pass and cover letter within 30 days of the injury or onset of the condition.
  2. Military Deployment (Military Passes only). Called to active military service. Reassigned more than 300 miles from the resort. Must be sent with official, letter-headed documentation, season pass, and cover letter within 30 days of a change of status.



Season Pass Protection Benefit

The maximum benefit amount of Season Pass Refund Protection shall not exceed the purchase amount of the pass (excluding the cost of Pass Refund Protection). Up to the maximum benefit amount per season pass will be paid if the pass holder is prevented from using the season pass for the remainder of the ski season due to the pass holder’s injury, medical condition, military deployment, or relocation. With respect to an injury or medical condition of the pass holder, a physician must recommend in writing that due to the severity of the pass holder’s condition, it is medically necessary that the pass holder does not ski/ride for the remainder of the ski season for which the season pass was purchased. The pass holder must be under the direct care and attendance of a physician. The season pass holder must contact Angel Fire Resort Ticket Office by letter within 30 days after the accident or onset of a qualifying medical condition. With respect to military deployment, the pass holder is called to active military service or reassigned while the pass holder’s coverage under Pass Protection is in force. With respect to military relocation, the relocation must be 300 miles or more from Angel Fire Resort or the permanent residence has changed more than 200 miles from your previous residence, as evidenced on

All qualifying injuries must have occurred or medical conditions onset by February 1st of the current ski season and be documented and received in writing no more than 30 days from the time of injury or onset. All reimbursements are to be made as internal credits to a gift card and are prorated by the number of daily uses at the prevailing rate. All decisions concerning any credits are made at the total discretion of Ski Area Management.

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