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Angel Fire Adventure

July 31, 2015

family Angel Fire Adventure

You know what they say, sharing is caring. The past two weeks I was able to do a lot of sharing with some people who have shared everything with me for years.

I’m lucky to be a third-generation Angel Fire super-fan. My family fell in love with this sleepy mountain town in the 80s. It was before the Chile Express was installed and when you had to make it to Valley Market by 8 p.m. if you needed something. For the last few years I’ve been bringing friends up to explore Angel Fire every chance I had. But we were really only able to make it out for a few days at a time.

We’ve had family reunions here, gone horseback riding, and even white water rafting. I learned to ski here. Some of my best games of golf have been played here. (Admittedly, some of my worst as well.) I’ve fished here, for trout, “crawdads,” and everything in between.

For the last two months, I’ve been exploring new adventures so that I can share them. Some of you may have come out to watch the music on the patio, tried the bike park for the first time, or conquered your fear of heights and rode the zipline.

My family went on some new adventures over the last two weeks. It really was special to see that they enjoyed each experience as much as I did.

Meredith, my eight year old cousin fell in LOVE with Ry Taylor while the family ate dinner at Elements Bar and watched him play. She even waited around to get his autograph on the CDs she bought.

20150722_202520 (1)

My aunt and uncle, Mike and Megan, overcame their fear of heights and went on the zipline. They came into my office after, with big grins to tell me how much fun they’d had.

I went out and played golf with my grandparents, who still love this course just as much as they did when they first discovered it. My six year old cousin Miles fell in love with fishin’ for crawdads with his dad and grandpa at Monte Verde Lake just like I did many years ago.


My dad, brother and I went and rode 4-wheelers up in Red River, and explored Goose Lake. What a magical place that is.


My mom and I went shopping in Taos; and later sat outside talking about life and appreciating all the beauty that surrounds us in Angel Fire.

It’s really special to see things come full circle. Though we’re all been Angel Fire faithfuls for many, many years, I was still able to share some new Angel Fire adventures with them.

They’ve gone home now, there’s so many things to do in Angel Fire, and always so little time. Have you been on any new adventures recently?

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