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Summertime #ResortLife in Angel Fire

August 10, 2015


Lots of people have vacationed in Angel Fire, but living here is a completely different experience. In just a couple weeks we’ll have a group of our employees headed back to school, though the summer activities remain open until mid October. A friend of mine in the bike shop is among that crowd.

Travis grew up riding dirt bikes, and later got into mountain biking. He’d looked at a few other places to live this summer before accepting a position with Angel Fire.

Our primary reasons for this location were different. He’s a biker; I’m a golfer. However all the auxiliary reasons were the same. We both love the mountains, the cool weather and the opportunity that working with a resort provides. (The benefits are pretty sweet).

“I guess I really came here for the mountain biking, so ultimately I’m not upset that I spent most of my time doing just that. It was awesome being with a group of people that were as into the sport as I am. We would spread out our lunch breaks so we could go ride.”

“It wasn’t until recently when I realized I have to leave soon that I started thinking about all the other things I’d still like to do” he told me.

“I got exactly what I wanted, but I didn’t expect there to be so much more to do. I signed up for this sleepy mountain town, so it was surprising to always see people out hiking, and riding on the roads and trails.”

“The south boundary trail (the half of it I rode) was the best trail I’ve ridden, anywhere. It was awesome. A little difficult and very scenic.”

We agreed that the nightlife is a little lacking, but coming from large universities that was certainly expected. He’s still hoping to do the zipline before he leaves. Since he took me up mountain biking, I took him out golfing.

I really think it’s interesting how the village of Angel Fire houses so many activities, interests and types of people, while maintaining the friendly small-town feeling that we all know and love.

When he started talking about when he was going to make another trip out, I knew we had similar experiences. “Well, I think me and some friends are going to try to come up in September for Bikes, Brews and Blues” he hasn’t left yet and is already trying to figure out when and how he’s going to make it back.

Sounds about right.

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