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Angel Fire Resort's
Ski & Snowboard

Group and Private Lessons for All Ages & Abilities

Angel Fire Ski & Snowboard School offers group and private lessons to skiers and riders of all ages and abilities. You can find more information on each of our lesson types below.

Adult Group Lesson Info

Child Group Lesson Info

Private Lesson Info 

*All private lessons must be booked in advance by phone at (575) 377-4499



Angel Fire Resort offers several children’s group lessons for every age and ability level. We pride ourselves on giving children the best overall experience so they not only learn the techniques of the sport but also learn to enjoy snow sports for a lifetime.



First time on the snow? Need a refresher? Taking a skiing or snowboarding lesson is the best way to quickly learn or improve your skills, boost your on-mountain confidence, or make your skiing and riding more enjoyable!


Want some 1-on-1 time? Angel Fire offers a range of private lesson options for both children & adults.

What to Wear

The most common question we get: “What do I wear when I go skiing?” The answer is that there isn’t one answer. People’s body temperatures run differently, and what works for one person, may not work for another. There are some great places to get started though!

Quick Tips: No Cotton: Polyester/Wool base layers. Don’t “Double up” on socks. Waterproof outerwear: No jeans or hoodies. Helmet!! Goggles, not glasses. Gloves: Waterproof, not garden gloves.

Base Layer

First off, no cotton! Cotton not only absorbs water, but it freezes when it gets wet. A wicking base layer consisting of either Merino wool or polyester is best.


There is also a common misconception to “double up” when wearing socks.Not only will this cause blisters, but it tends to make your feet colder! For best results, wear one pair of Merino wool ski/snowboard socks! Smartwool and Stance are just a few brands we recommend and offer in our retail locations.


Mid-layers are also tricky with many possibilities! If you’re looking for something insulated, you’ll have to decide between Down or Synthetic. Down typically will keep you warmer, but if it gets wet it loses it’s warming properties. Synthetic, all though won’t keep you quite as warm, will provide more consistent heat. If you’re looking for something less bulky, Polyester & Merino Wool sweaters offer a less expensive alternative.


If you’re skiing in a neon one-piece, an old snowmobile suit, or a canvas jacket, it might be time for an upgrade. There are many brands that offer fits, styles, and features for every type of rider! You’ll notice some odd numbers when it comes to waterproof/breathability ratings from manufactures. The easiest way to break these numbers down is the higher the number the more waterproof it is.  If you need help breaking down these numbers, or finding the right jacket, visit the experts at Slopeside Sports or Winter Sports!

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