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Helpful Hints for Kid’s Lessons

September 7, 2011

Helpful Hints for Children’s Lessons

  • Reservations are recommended (and essential for holiday periods). Please reserve at least 48 hours in advance.
  • Full Day enrollment is recommended for all our lessons. Children will progress more rapidly and retain more with a full day of lessons. We recommend successive multiple day enrollment for First Time younger skiers and riders.
  • If possible, come for a visit with your child in the afternoon before Ski School so he/she can get used to the environment. We don’t mind at all!
  • Be certain the Children’s Ski & Snowboard Center (CSSC) staff is aware of any medical or special needs your child may require.
  • Please take the time to prepare your child for an amicable and encouraging morning separation from you. Children need time to become accustomed to their equipment and environment, to make new friends with the staff and other children. It is then advisable to leave your child to enjoy the day, “out of view”, with no interruptions. Your child will do better and have less separation anxiety if they do not see Mom and Dad watching them. Feel free to drop by in the afternoon for a quick progress report, then go and enjoy yourself knowing there is plenty of time after class to ski together and share the day’s accomplishments.
  • Make sure to bring your child’s progress card each day, including those from other ski areas.
  • Please only one wool or polypropylene long sock per foot, per boot in any weather.
  • Dress your child appropriately for the day’s weather. If it is sunny and cold, or if it is snowy, one layer under waterproof pants (tights, sweatpants or long johns), and two layers (turtle neck and sweater or fleece) under a warm, waterproof jacket and hat. All children are required to have at least semi-waterproof clothing (avoid one piece suits), gloves (mittens are better), neck gator (not a scarf), hat and goggles. For warm days, one layer under waterproof pants, a turtleneck and waterproof jacket, vest or fleece sweater, waterproof mittens or gloves, headband or ball cap, goggles or well-fitting UV rated sunglasses (goggles are better). Your child must have eye protection on, everyday they are outdoors. On some spring days or snowy days, we will not be able to ski or ride with your child if they are not properly equipped for the elements. Label everything. If you forget something, there are some accessories available for purchase at CSSC.
  • A special, labeled, backpack or bag will help your child in keeping their gear together. It will be easier to carry, and things will not be as likely dropped or forgotten.
  • Eat a substantial breakfast early in the morning.
  • Please send no ski poles; if your child is ready for them, we have plenty for use at no additional charge.
  • If you have concerns, check with our indoor staff. In the case of a serious injury or sickness you will be notified through message boards at the bottom of the key lifts.
  • Special diets may require parents to send a lunch with their child.
  • All CSSC Students are provided a complimentary lift ticket as part of their package. Since there is no monetary value ascribed to the ticket, there are no discounts for existing passes.
  • Your child may ride the lift alone, with other children and/or without an adult or instructor.

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