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5 Things To Do Before Winter Season Begins At Angel Fire Resort

December 2, 2021

Snow is in the air, and we’re counting down the days until the official start to our Winter Season! Although we have quite a bit of prep work to do, we also want to make sure you, our guests, are ready to make great memories the minute you arrive. To help make that happen, we’ve put together a list of 5 things every snow aficionado can do before they make the trip to the top of our mountain. 

Keep reading to learn more!

1. Wax your skis or board.

After spending a long summer in the garage or basement, you might notice white spots have formed on your gear. These spots are evidence of dehydration at work, meaning your skis and/or board might stick rather than glide smoothly over snow — even the best powder in New Mexico.

The solution? Treat your gear to a spa day! A hot wax will soon have your base rehydrated and riding fast. And, even if you don’t have time to tick this item off your to-do list before packing your bags for Angel Fire Resort, the pros at Winter Sports, our full-service onsite ski shop, can help.

Ski Tech Service Shop Angel Fire New Mexico | 5 Things To Do Before Winter Season Begins At Angel Fire Resort

2. Make sure all your gear still fits and works properly.

Maybe the Halloween candy and summer barbecues are starting to catch up, or you never got that hot spot in your boot worked out after last season. So try your gear on — yes, all of it — before you hit the slopes.  

If you do discover that you need repairs, adjustments, or an entirely new pair of snow pants, that’s not a realization you want to come to while standing in line for the Chile Express. Luckily, a complete selection of boots, skis, and more is available for browsing at Winter Sports. Our flagship ski shop is located just a few steps from the base area, meaning you can gear up before your first run quickly and conveniently. 

Finally, remember this important mountain safety tip: if you take care of your equipment, it will take care of you.


3. Get inspired by some ski movies.

One of the best things about shoulder season is all the new ski and snowboard movies hitting the big screens and streaming services. Whether you’re getting your popcorn ready for Warren Miller’s  — “Winter Starts Now” — or looking to enjoy family night in with an old favorite like “The Art Of Flight,” the options are endless. Who doesn’t want to see the pros making it look easy?

Another flick we recommend is “Tales From Cascadia.” It includes a great segment featuring Northern New Mexico’s own Emma Patterson.

4. Get the group text ready for powder days.

There’s nothing worse than coordinating who’s in and who’s out when the weather’s right — or turns frightful. So, get that “Snow Crew” group text going now.

First, make sure everyone in your party is signed up to receive our Daily Snow Report — it’s as easy as filling out this form. Next, send a few test messages to make sure everyone can take part in the conversation. Finally, just sit back, wait for the powder to pile up, and get ready to name your meeting time and place.


5. Brush up on your camera skills.

Should you film in 1080 at 60fps or 4K at 30fps? What about Live photos vs. HDR? Try taking some test shots and videos with the kids or dogs. You’ll want to simulate the kind of action shots you can find on Angel Fire Resort’s Instagram, so the more movement, the better!

And speaking of Instagram: here are a few other photo tips from Michael Hawkins, our Digital Communications Specialist and resident shutterbug.

  • Wear bright colors when playing in the snow for the best photo results. 
  • If you’re an iPhone user, hold the camera button down to fire off a quick burst of photos. This is great for freezing fast action and giving you the best chance of capturing a great shot instead of only a single frame.
  • If you’re working on a mirrorless set-up or DSLR, remember that the meter often underexposes snow. Try bumping the exposure up +.03 or +.06. Doing so can really help fine-tune the contrast on your photos.
  • Be sure to share your masterpieces with us! Just tag us on your Facebook and Instagram winter vacation pics, adding the #WeAreAngelFire hashtag.

How do you get stoked for winter adventures at Angel Fire Resort? From your workouts to your road trip route, we want to know! Keep the conversation going over on our social channels. And don’t forget: you can book your lodging and purchase lift tickets online today. We look forward to seeing you later this month! 

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