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Bruce Roach

Bruce Roach: A Communicator and Uniter

Bruce Roach ran a highly successful dental practice in Austin, TX, for over 30 years. Since purchasing property in Angel Fire in 2016, he’s embarked on a second career as a realtor. In that capacity, he’s used his understanding of what it means to be a transplant to help others relocating to the area settle into their new homes.

Read on to learn more about Bruce and the action items he’d put on AAFPO’s agenda if elected to the Board of Directors.

What made you decide to run for a seat on the AAFPO Board of Directors?
I see a huge need to unite the homeowners, Resort, and Village to make Angel Fire the best possible mountain community it can be. To accomplish that, we need a functioning Board that works for the best interests of our diverse community Members.

What, in your opinion, is the most pressing issue facing the Member community?
The most pressing issue facing us is the lack of reliable information and communications being distributed. Most property owners don’t have a clue what is going on with AAFPO and the Resort.

How will you help AAFPO act in your fellow Members’ best interests?
I feel the best way to help our community is to communicate with the Members, get their input on the biggest issues facing us, then move forward to address them.

How would you describe your management (or leadership) style?
I focus on developing lasting relationships. I believe establishing genuine personal contact with as many of my fellow Members as I can is the key to meeting our mountain community’s unique needs.

What special skills or experiences would you bring to the AAFPO Board?
My special gifts are my ability to bring people together and to understand the true realities of problem-solving in collaboration with a diverse group of property owners.

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