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Kim May

Kim May:
A Community Organizer And Advocate For All Members

Kim May has been an Angel Fire Resort homeowner since 2013.  She and her husband, Jentry, reside in Amarillo, Texas. They have two boys, ages 16 and 20, both avid golfers and skiers. Last year, Kim built the website and, via Facebook Groups, created a thriving online community for out-of-state Members.

Read on to learn more about Kim, her passion for inclusivity, and the priorities she would tackle if elected.

What made you decide to run for a seat on the AAFPO Board of Directors?
I’m running to stand up for our Members — to be their voice, eyes, and boots on the ground. Ultimately, we all care about our property values and having access to all of the amenities for which we paid when we purchased our homes. I want to protect that for my family and my neighbors. Whether we live here full-time or part-time, Angel Fire is our home.

What, in your opinion, is the most pressing issue facing the Member community?
The lawsuit. Where is the truth? If elected, I hope to help hire an independent third party who can audit the AAFPO bylaws, past bankruptcy documents, et al., and provide an unbiased view of what is actually happening. Is the lawsuit necessary? Members deserve full transparency and a qualified AAFPO Board to work on their behalf and protect their interests.

What’s your vision for AAFPO?
My vision for AAFPO is to create inclusivity: to shift the culture; to cultivate relationships and value the opinions of others; to encourage all Members to be involved and stay informed; and to fight for the rights of all Members, protecting our interests, our amenities, and our property values. Our world has enough discord. Divisiveness, uncertainty, and disrespect have no place in the one place we all turn to when looking for peace, beauty, and a safe haven.

What special skills or experiences do you bring to the AAFPO Board?
Having formed and served on many boards — for the New Mexico Property Owners Coalition, Diabetes Foundation of the High Plains, the High Plains Food Bank, and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation — I understand their duties and how healthy ones function.

My day job is President and CEO of Nobox Creative, a marketing, advertising, and communications agency. I spend much of each workday juggling multiple client projects and exercising the strategic oversight that makes our clients successful, so I’m adept at assessing critical situations and making decisions quickly. That said, I’ve learned through experience when to pause, temper risk-taking, and move cautiously.

How would you describe a perfect day at Angel Fire Resort?
Waking up to the sunrise (which, thanks to Mountain Time is way too early) and the smell of coffee. Enjoying a warm mug while soaking in the views. Having no plans as long as they include staying outside as much as possible. Dinner on the deck, drinks in hand, while we help golfers find their balls and wave hello to the many friends we’ve made here over the years.

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