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Samantha Weeks

Samantha Weeks: A Charter Member and Nurturer of Relationships

Samantha Weeks has lived in Angel Fire since 1991 and been an Angel Fire Resort Member since 1999. In 1998, she and her husband Jeff founded Angel Fire Appraisers. Their business quickly expanded outside of the Moreno Valley to encompass nearly all of Northern New Mexico. Samantha has also served on the Moreno Valley High School Foundation Board, the  Always Loving Mankind Food Pantry Board (as Director of the Food For Kids program), and the Board of the Angel Fire Chamber of Commerce.

Read on to learn more about Samantha and how she would tap her deep community roots to serve her fellow Members in an official capacity.

What makes Angel Fire Resort feel most like home to you?
The mountains, the fresh air, and the people! I couldn’t live anywhere else!

What made you decide to run for a seat on the AAFPO Board of Directors?
Before last year, AAFPO and Angel Fire Resort enjoyed a long-standing and healthy relationship. It’s heartbreaking to see how that relationship is being destroyed. The Members and the Resort need to work together, not against each other. I’ve also recently made a career change and now have a more flexible schedule. I’d like to dedicate as much of my newfound free time as I can to giving back to my community.

How will you help AAFPO act in your fellow Members’ best interests?
I want to be a representative for the Members, permanent and part-time. Everyone deserves a voice. I want to be that voice.

What special skills or experiences would you bring to the AAFPO Board?
I’ve lived in Angel Fire for almost 30 years, and I’ve cultivated strong, enduring relationships throughout the Valley. Although I believe my time here is my most valuable asset, I’m confident my experience in title work and real estate would also be helpful to AAFPO and my community. 

Which Angel Fire Resort amenities do you enjoy the most?
Monte Verde Lake! My family will spend all day trout fishing at Monte Verde Lake.

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