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For some 23 years now, Angel Fire Resort and the Association of Angel Fire Property Owners (“AAFPO”) have enjoyed an extraordinary relationship. During this time, the Resort has worked hand-in-hand with every AAFPO Board to improve the amenities and implement projects chosen by the Membership for the benefit of the entire Angel Fire community. Until now, no Board had ever made a formal complaint against the Resort.

However, on October 20, 2020, the AAFPO Board, including the only 4 elected board members – Penni Davey, Sandra Trom, Carol Rupp and Holly Ham – without the courtesy of discussion or even notice, filed a 175-page lawsuit against the Resort, alleging among other things that the Resort has withheld payment of assessments owed to its organization.

This accusation is unfounded, it does not respect the governing documents both parties have followed for the past 23 years, and it was formulated behind closed doors, but most importantly, it does not appear to reflect the wishes or opinions of the Membership. The complaint contains the unrepresentative views of 4 board members acting without any discernible support or authority.

The Resort denies each and every claim of the lawsuit, and it will vigorously defend itself no matter the cost.

At the last annual election, the Membership selected 4 new board members to join the required 9-member Board of Directors representing over 5,000 Angel Fire property owners. However, within 60 days of the election, 5 of the 9 directors resigned, presumably due to the actions and anti-Resort agenda of only a few Directors. The Resort alleges that the Board of Directors did not have the required quorum and the ability to lawfully conduct business. Undeterred by the Resort’s expressed concerns, these 4 directors appointed new Directors and have been meeting in secret, making decisions effecting the Membership as a whole.

Since the election, the following events have occurred:

Without even considering a replacement, the new Board fired AAFPO’s Executive Director of 8 years.
Carol Neeley, AAFPO’s attorney of over 10 years, resigned due to the 4 directors’ agenda.
The Board’s newly-elected President resigned after discovering that the 4 directors had continually undermined her authority.
Although AAFPO’s Bylaws specify that a majority of 5 of 9 directors constitutes a quorum, and although the Board has followed this rule for years, Penni Davey unilaterally announced that a minority of 4 was sufficient to form a quorum and appoint additional Directors.
The Board has excluded the Resort’s Ex-Officio Board Member from all communication and participation, despite his repeated requests to receive information and participate.
The Board has established an aggressive posture toward the Resort, rather than one of cooperation and compromise as required by the Amended Joint Plan.
The Board deprived the Membership and the Resort of the opportunity to explore an amicable resolution, avoiding the costly expense of litigation and long-term damage to the relationship.


AAFPO’s actions threaten delay of development until a resolution to the lawsuit can be reached. These projects include, without limitation, improvements to the new base area, a new wind-resistant chairlift, a townhome project and new subdivisions. Instead, the Resort is now forced to conserve working capital to fight this unwarranted lawsuit, diverting time, energy and money away from its plans for future development. AAFPO’s actions threaten your real estate values and future membership rights.

The Resort will, of course, aggressively defend this lawsuit. However, Angel Fire Resort believes it is important the Membership is apprised of the actions of AAFPO and how they are spending your Membership dues.

A few important things to know about Angel Fire Resort:

The Resort was purchased out of bankruptcy in 1996 by its current ownership.
Angel Fire’s property owners voted in favor of the Amended Joint Plan of Reorganization.
For 23 years now, both parties have successfully followed the terms and conditions of the Joint Plan.
While many fail, Angel Fire Resort has been one of the most successful bankruptcy reorganizations in New Mexico’s history.
100% of your Membership dues are spent in accordance with the Joint Plan, including the maintenance, operation, upkeep and improvement of the amenities (the ski mountain, golf course, member RV park, horse stables, tennis courts, Olympic Park, Monte Verde Lake and the greenbelts).
Membership dues and expenditures are audited by AAFPO each year, and there has never been a negative finding since ownership purchased the Resort in 1996.
Ownership has never taken a single dime out of the Resort since its purchase in 1996.
Ownership has reinvested every dollar back into the Resort and the community since 1996.
Ownership has contributed millions to the Resort and the Angel Fire community, which makes this lawsuit particularly unjust.


It is important for you to understand the actions taken by this Board in your name, and how these 4 directors may delay expenditures benefitting your membership and real estate, the amenities, the Resort and the community of Angel Fire. The Resort believes that it is important for Membership to send a clear message that a few disgruntled and misguided people, acting without legitimate authority, should not imperil a decades-old relationship so many worked so hard to create.

– Angel Fire Resort

The lawsuit filed against Angel Fire Resort may be found here: AAFPO Lawsuit


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Association of Angel Fire Property Owners (AAFPO)

The Association of Angel Fire Property Owners (AAFPO) was formed in 1995 by the Bankruptcy Court when the current owners of Angel Fire Resort gained ownership through the bankruptcy proceedings. In the Bankruptcy documents and agreements, AAFPO is charged with the responsibility of overseeing the relationship between the Resort and the Angel Fire Property Owners, particularly in regards to the Property Owners’ dues payments and the use of amenities. The amenities of which the Owners have guaranteed use and maintenance through the dues structure are specifically listed in the bankruptcy documents. Please visit AAFPO’s website for more information.

AAFPO Documents:

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