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    Precip. 94%
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    Precip. 100%
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    Precip. 28%
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Pinkbike Local Flavors: The Complete Guide To Riding In Angel Fire

March 27, 2019

We’re thrilled to announce that Angel Fire Resort’s bike park has been featured on Pinkbike is a website all about mountain biking. It’s connected to the prestigious Outdoor Magazine. We’re honored to be included and so glad that biking enthusiasts realize what a gem we truly have in Angel Fire. Thanks to Brice Shirbach for the feature.

Check out this snippet from the Pinkbike feature.

“I could see the final remnants of the storm burning away under a cascade of radiating sunshine slipping between wisps of cloud and the jagged peaks of the mountains 30 miles away. This was my first glimpse of “The Enchanted Circle”, and I was so enamored by the panorama in front of me that I parked my Subaru rental haphazardly along the shoulder of the road, grabbed my camera gear, and climbed up on to the roof of the Outback to capture the moment. It was early September, and New Mexico was nearing the end of its monsoon season, a time during which prevailing winds typically shift direction and bring with it a change in the weather. For the desert southwest, that change often means rain.

The drive from Denver had been really nice, with Colorado’s Front Range flanking me to the west as I drove south along Interstate 25 for the first few hours on the road. I even drove through some southern Colorado peaks once I got off of the Interstate, before settling into the high plains along Route 159, the road that would lead me into New Mexico. The weather had been pleasant, and the views of some of America’s highest peaks were more than enough to wash away the stresses that I normally associate with air travel and car rentals. All of this is to say that when I caught my first glimpse of New Mexico’s highest mountains I wasn’t exactly hurting for some scenery, which makes the impact of that skyline all the more profound. It was one of those moments that will forever be burned into the retina of my mind’s eye, and I hadn’t even driven across the state line yet.”

Read More to get Pinkbike’s complete guide to mountain biking at Angel Fire Resort.

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