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Why Mountain Biking is the Best Family Sport

May 6, 2020

family_bikeMuch like baseball games, family bike rides are a classic American pastime. Cruising on two wheels, and the freedom it offers to everyone is an excellent way to bond as a family. Now more than ever, families are spending time together and the days can seem to blend into one another. So break up the monotony, get some fresh air and exercise by taking the family on a bike ride. 

Get your family off the couch, and on the trails. Why is mountain biking the best sport for families? Simply because families who ride together, stay stoked together! By keeping your family active through cycling, you can accomplish more than an elevated heart rate. Memories created by recreating together and exploring areas previously only known by car or trail map will last a lifetime.

If your family craves adrenaline-pumping adventure, Angel Fire Bike Park offers lessons, rentals and gear for juniors and adults. Although Angel Fire is well known for its award-winning bike park, there’s plenty of family-friendly trails that are perfectly suited for beginners to the two wheel game. One trail, Bobcat, will take you directly to Olympic Park here in Angel Fire. The park serves as the perfect spot to picnic and rest as you plan your next adventure. Here’s a map of the greenbelt trails that weave through Moreno Valley.

Prepare For Fun

Speaking of beginners, if you’re taking your family out riding for the first time, a little prep goes a long way. Some tips for the family’s first ride: bring water. Lots of water. Angel Fire Resort is situated at a heavenly 8,500 ft elevation, and dehydration happens quickly. As always, safety on the mountain is paramount, so be sure to outfit everyone with helmets and pads. For kids and adults alike, snacks are essential. Take frequent breaks to fuel up and check in to see how everyone is doing. This is supposed to be all about fun, remember? 

We believe in creating memories that last a lifetime, and as bicycle evangelicals, converting anyone and everyone to the bike life. So what are you waiting for? Winter has melted away, and the trails are drying out. Time to get out and ride.

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