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  1. Wednesday
    Precip. 100%
  2. Thursday
    Precip. 90%
  3. Friday
    Precip. 0%
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Bi/Mono-Ski Adaptive
Ski Lessons

Also known as sit skiing, these devices allow students to sit in a specially constructed, highly maneuverable ski. These devices can utilize handheld outriggers (think of a crutch for the forearm with a ski attached) in order for the participant to control their speed and direction.

Alternatively, in the case of a more severe disability, our instructors maybe be able to offer direct assistance and control. This option is popular for those suffering from spinal cord injuries, amputations, or any disability that impairs muscle function to an extreme extent, especially in the lower body.


Reservation requests are accepted on a first-come, first–serve basis. Only complete applications are accepted. Applications are approved after eligibility, payment, and instructor availability have been confirmed.

To reserve a lesson, call (575)377-4383 or click below.


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