What to Expect – Adaptive Lessons

When you arrive, you’ll need to go to the ski school ticket office near the base of the Chile Express in order to check-in. The check-in process tends to take about 15 minutes, so please plan to arrive ahead of the lesson time. Once your instructor arrives, he or she will spend a few minutes discussing the lesson and your disability in order to develop the best progression for you. After discussing the lesson, your instructor will help adjust any equipment that you need for the lesson. Depending on the equipment and lesson goals, this process can take anywhere from five to thirty minutes. After all the equipment has been adjusted, the instructor will take you to appropriate terrain and begin the teaching portion of the lesson. At the conclusion of the lesson, your instructor will escort you back to the ticket office.

Please be aware that lessons take place in all weather conditions, and that all students should dress accordingly. Students may encounter conditions ranging from cold and windy at the top of the mountain to warm and sunny at the bottom, or even heavy snowfall. For those participating in sit ski lessons, be aware that some students find these lessons to be colder due to lack of movement while in the bi-ski. We strongly encourage all students to wear waterproof or water-resistant winter clothing, warm footwear, gloves, and a hat. Goggles or sunglasses, along with sunscreen, are also recommended.