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Experiences Over Stuff: Why a Ski Trip Is the Ultimate Holiday Gift

November 6, 2023

If your family is (ahem) anything like mine, you’ve got a playroom littered with toys, and your closets are stacked full of stuff. Every birthday and holiday, I have to evaluate whether or not my kids actually need more physical items. And the answer is usually a resounding “no.”

Things break. Toys get boring. Electronics melt their minds. Kids grow out of expensive clothes. But family experiences? Well, the gift of quality time is priceless and the memories can last a lifetime.

A long time ago, an elderly gentleman gave me the advice, “Collect stories, not stuff.” He was surrounded by a loving, emotionally healthy family. His children and grandchildren adored him. So I figured it was good advice to take. Every time I travel, I collect new stories. I come home with tales of zany escapades and inside jokes and adorable things my kids did. Those can never be wrapped up inside a box.

In fact, experiential gifts can even benefit your relationship with the recipient. Doing something together creates an emotional bond. You’re basically giving someone you love the gift of yourself . . . your time, your attention, and your companionship . . . when you give them an experience.

So this holiday season, consider the gift of a family ski trip to Angel Fire Resort.

If you’re an Angel Fire Resort regular, you’re coming back to a familiar place. Returning to a resort that you’ve already visited can feel like coming home.

But if you’ve never been to Angel Fire Resort before, an adventure awaits. Discovering something new with your family can be just the thing to break up the ordinary. Learn what to expect by reading our First Timer’s Guide.

Skiing and all the winter fun that comes along with it is just the thing to build those memories and collect those stories.

Imagine waking up on Christmas morning and unwrapping a box with a note inside that says, “Surprise! We’re going on a ski trip!” Here are a few ideas to make opening the gift an experience of its own!

And then imagine the potential gifts the whole family might receive during the family ski trip.

The look of wonder in your child’s eyes as she sees snow falling.

The sense of achievement a child gets for tackling a hard run.

The laughter and pure silliness that results from an hour on the tubing hill.

The resilience your kiddo builds as he gets back up after falling.

None of those things can be bought. They can only be experienced.

Experiences, rather than things, are the gifts that will keep giving long after the holiday season is over.

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