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Tips For Getting Kids Ski School Ready

December 18, 2020

Grab your boots and your board or skis, class is now in session! Is your child ready for ski school? With these tips from Angel Fire’s elite Children’s Ski School instructors, you’ll feel more prepared for a fun day in the snow — meltdown free! 

ScottDWSmith_AngelFire_i1a9213Tips For Getting Kids Ski School Ready #1: Gear

When preparing your child for any new sport, the first thing we recommend is letting them get familiar with all the gear. Dust off the boots and skis and let your child walk around the house wearing their snow clothes so they get used to how they feel. Turn the gear into toys, and spark the initial joy they are going to feel skiing or snowboarding. Even though it may be a little clumsy at first, it helps immensely to have prior experience wearing ski boots before your first lesson. Vacationer Pro Tip: Pick up your rentals the afternoon before your lesson. Spend the evening walking around indoors to get used to the feel of heavy boots on your feet. 

Along with playing with the gear and clothes, prepare your kid for ski school by making sure they have all the proper clothing. All of the instructors we talked to recommended spending money on quality socks and waterproof mittens. Also known as the two most important items for cold weather. Should you forget to pack the right clothes for snow, Angel Fire Resort has you covered. Our retail stores Winter Sports and Slopeside have everything you need to play in the sun and snow. Speaking of sun, protection like sunscreen and reusable water bottles to stay hydrated are important to ensure your kid has the best mountain experience possible. Pro Tip: Angel Fire Resort is located at nearly 9,000 ft. elevation. Hydration is necessary at high altitudes so drink twice as much water as you would at sea level. 

Tips For Getting Kids Ski School Ready #2: Fun & Safety

After getting more familiar with the gear, remember why you’re enrolling your child in ski school in the first place. Because it’s FUN! Use this opportunity to share your love for the sport and get your child hyped up for trying something new. Remind them that skiing and snowboarding is fun, and a great way to enjoy the snow and winter season. Provide encouragement and positivity the morning of their lesson. An easy way to do this that’s fun for the whole family is by watching winter and ski movies together. One movie that our instructors regularly reference is Frozen because it’s beloved by all. We also suggest looking up fun ski movies on our YouTube channel

As fun as skiing and snowboarding can be, review the mountain safety and go over the “Responsibility Code”. This will get your kids mountain ready. Common sense and personal awareness are not lost on children. So teach them to know the code, and abide by all mountain safety rules. “Good skiers are good listeners,” said Kateland Gonzales, children’s ski and snowboard instructor. “Make a plan together and cover the basics.” Another tip from snowboard instructor Jordan Sandstrom, is making sure your kids know how to introduce themselves to their instructor and be prepared to know what they are doing. Like, “Hi, my name is Alex and I’m learning to snowboard today. It’s my first time.” 

ScottDWSmith_i1a8991Tips For Getting Kids Ski School Ready #3: Details

When going to ski school for the first time, many children want to be placed in the same class as their siblings or friends, regardless of skill level. Why is this a bad idea? “Kids can often get discouraged when they can’t keep up or aren’t at the same level as their siblings,” said snowboard instructor Veronica Zaciek. “That’s why it’s so important to stay within your ability level and age group, so they can learn at a pace that’s right for them. This almost always ensures a good experience for the kids.”

What’s the best thing you can do to get your kids ski school ready? Eating a nutritious breakfast. This little detail can make or break the day for your kid. Although lunch is on us, pack their favorite snack with a little note of encouragement. Before you know it, your kid will be skiing faster, riding harder and having more fun than you. But that’s the whole point, right?

Watch our video should you need any more tips, tricks or hacks to make ski school fun and easy! Learn more by visiting our ski school page on our website. We’ll see you out on the snow!

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