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5 Ways to Get Ready for the DH Season

April 17, 2020

There’s no time like the present. And when it comes to preparing for the undoubtedly epic DH season that is swiftly approaching, now is the time! Whether you’ve been prancing through the mud of spring, or babying your bike in the garage, these tips will get you ready for Angel Fire Resort Bike Park opening day.

ready bike park season

5 Ways to Get Ready for DH Season

Perform Basic Maintenance

You’re only as safe as your bike, which is why performing a check on the components of your bike will ensure more days of riding off into the sunset. Maintain your happy machine by making sure all parts are tightened and in good functioning condition. Work from front to back and hit all the basics: tires and wheels, handlebar and stem, frame, breaks, suspension, drive train. Now, this might seem like a no brainer, but a little love will go a long way. We liked’s full list of what to inspect. Or, have the experts at Angel Fire Bike Shop tune up your steed. Just ask for the “Ready To Ride” inspection then hit the trails.

Ready Your Body, Mind & Spirit

Become one with your bike and the earth. It’s no secret that our bodies use different muscle groups during the off season, whether you spend your time on skis, a board or neither. One of the best ways to get ready for the DH season is by getting “back in the saddle.” Angel Fire is loaded with XC style greenbelt trails, and many are hidden gems. By pedaling XC, you’ll get your body in tip-top shape for the season. Another overlooked muscle group is the wrists, arms and hands. EVO athlete Matthew Sklar shares some workout videos and tips here.

Working out and stretching is all good, but not to be forgotten is the spirit, the reason why you mountain bike in the first place! Nurture your love for our sport with some classic DH movies and get pumped! Some of our favorite classics are “The Collective Anthology” and “New World Disorder IX — Never Enough”. Also, be sure to subscribe to Angel Fire YouTube for awesome POV videos of the #1 bike park in the Southwest.

Give Me Face, Baby!

What look will you sport this season? From full racer outfits, to casual jerseys and hoodies, and even the “just-got-out-of-bed-hungover” style, be vogue in 2020. Regardless of the look you choose, Angel Fire Bike Park recommends a full face helmet. Examine your gear for cracks, tears and clean out your bag. Throw away those old candy bar wrappers and sterilize your water bottles. Preparing for the season means dusting off the kit, and getting all your gear in place for opening day.

Ready, Set, Practice

Angel Fire Bike Park is well known for its flowy and technical trails, chunk trails, sweet berms  and monster jumps. Prepare for the 2020 park season by working on cornering, which will improve your entire mountain bike experience. You can practice many of these new skills off the bike or even on your own driveway. 

If you’ve ridden Angel Fire before, remember what trail features you want to conquer this year, or re-conquer that is. As soon as the snow melts, we constantly improve and work on the park, including adding new trails and expanding existing features. Check out our trail map, and memorize your line. 

Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride

Infamous words from writer Hunter S. Thompson, “Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride,” definitely applies to preparing for the DH season. But before you plan your road trip to the Southwest, read up on all of the current health and safety precautions for your destinations. You’ll be ready to hit the road when Angel Fire opens. After the rack is ready, the bike is cleaned and tuned, and you’re psyched out of your mind from mtn bike movies you’re finally ready! Buy the ticket, and take the ride. And with the stoke-worthy early season dirt conditions, you’ll be glad you’re first in line.

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