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A First-Timer’s Guide to the Climate and Environment of the Southern Rockies

May 5, 2021

Of course, to make the most of your visit, you should know what to expect from the unique weather conditions you’ll encounter on our mountain. Read on to learn how you can prepare for the altitude, temperatures, and overall environment here at Angel Fire Resort.

Hit All The High Points…

There’s so much to do at Angel Fire Resort you might have trouble fitting it all into one trip. Before you and your group arrive, make sure to check out all the available options. 

Most families who make memories on the mountain find that a leisurely family bike ride is the perfect outing. Our scenic bike park offers trails tailored to riders of every skill level. And, for those


who want to two-wheel but don’t own all the required equipment, our Bike Shop offers great rental prices!

But summer at Angel Fire Resort is about more than downhill or cross-country mountain biking. Take a scenic chairlift ride to our mountain’s summit, boat or fish on Monte Verde Lake, fly over the treetops on a zipline adventure, play a round of golf, trade volleys on the tennis and pickleball courts, and more! There’s truly something here for every member of the family. 

…But Keep The Altitude In Mind

The baseline elevation at Angel Fire is 8,600 feet, but when you’re exploring our amenities, you can


quickly climb past 10,000 feet.

For people who aren’t accustomed to these heights, altitude sickness can be a genuine concern. Symptoms can include headache, nausea, fatigue, and more. No one wants their vacation ruined by discomfort and pain. Luckily, a few precautions can go a long way toward making sure that doesn’t happen. 

In the days leading up to your20140919-P1050122 trip and while you’re on-site:

  • Cut back on salty foods.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Get extra sleep.
  • Don’t overexert yourself.
  • Ascend slowly.

Taking these simple steps will ensure that your body is hydrated and ready to make the most of your high-altitude vacation.

Beautiful Summer Weather

If you’re going to spend most of your time in the great outdoors, you’ll need to prepare for the weather. 

Fortunately for summertime visitors, the months of May, June, July, and August are downright lovely in our corner of New Mexico. The average daytime temperature rarely climbs above 80 degrees, even at the peak of summer. 

The flip side of that coin is that temperatures can get down into the 40s at night. Afternoon thunderstorms — complete with lightning — are also a fact of mountain life, so exercise caution and be sure to pack some rain gear.

Those are the general rules, but you should also check the region’s weather forecast in the days leading up to your departure.

Make Room In Your Suitcase For These Essentials

By this point, you’ve likely guessed that two of the most important things you can bring on your Angel Fire Resort trip are plenty of drinking water and a thick coat.

Here are some other items that should end up in your suitcase before heading to the Southern Rockies.

  • Sunscreen and lip balm. The higher elevation on the grounds brings with it an extra-bright sun. To protect against sunburn, make sure you’re regularly applying sunscreen to your skin and lip balm with SPF to your lips. These precautions are helpful even on cloudy days.
  • Sunglasses. If you’re not in the habit of wearing sunglasses, you might think about buying a pair for your trip to Angel Fire Resort. Bright sunlight can compromise your vision and generally create discomfort while you’re here. It’s best to have some eye protection, just in case.
  • Rain gear. We’ve established that conditions here in Northern New Mexico are very dry. But some days on the mountain do get rained out. Whether it’s a poncho tucked into your backpack or a jacket in your room, it’s a good idea to have some extra protection from the elements handy.
  • Hobby gear. While Angel Fire offers a variety of gear for sale or rent, we understand that your personal gear is likely your favorite. Be sure to bring your bike, your clubs, your frisbee, or anything else you’ll need to make memories on the mountain.

Now that you’re fully prepped for your trip, here are a few pointers for coexisting with Mother Nature during your stay at Angel Fire Resort.

Keep Your Eyes Open

There is bountiful natural splendor to enjoy on our mountain. Here are a few friendly suggestions for staying safe and keeping the property looking great for all of our visitors. 

When you get to the higher altitudes of Angel Fire, you might be astonished at how few insects andImages in and around Angel Fire, New Mexico.

pests are fluttering around the summertime sky. Texans take note: you won’t be swatting at mosquitos here! That said, you’re still spending time in a wilderness that’s home to wild creatures.

The first thing to remember is to check your shoes before putting your feet inside. On rare occasions, scorpions will mistake shoes for cozy sleeping spots, and they will sting if you put your foot inside without checking.

The occasional spider will also cozy up in warm, dark spots, so avoid reaching into any corner where you have limited visibility.

On the off chance you run across a rattlesnake on the trail, the smartest move is to back up and give it some space. Snakes only attack when they feel threatened (i.e., when you’re inside their comfort zone).

Finally, please help us keep the mountain litter-free. There are places to dispose of waste along most trails, but you should also consider bringing a small garbage bag with you on your hikes to make sure you have somewhere to stash your trash.

Create A Summer To Remember

We can’t wait to welcome you to Angel Fire Resort this summer! A whole new season of adventure begins May 14, meaning there’s no better time to book your Rocky Mountain vacation than right now!

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